Online Coding Courses for Kids

Set of coding courses to help children get basic programming skills and learn about all particular qualities of creating video games, applications, websites and much more.
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Let your child explore the world of programming from all angles with versatile online coding classes for kids! The self-paced courses will help acquire basic skills, solve problems and learn about all sides of creating video games, applications, websites and much more.
With creative teachers and coding games for kids, online learning will become a fun and exciting adventure!

1. The benefits of Itgenio Online Coding Classes

  • Child psychology in mind
All Itgenio online coding courses for kids are designed not only to help them learn the basics and tricks of working with programming languages, developing websites, applications and games, but also to give the kids a real toolkit to build confidence, persistence and motivation.
Based on other online child development classes, our courses take into account all age aspects and peculiarities of children's perception of information to make the process productive and boost their creativity and imagination.

  • Balanced program
With each class, the student’s craft gets more complex and comprehensive, and so do the projects they work on. In addition, each subsequent task is a practical fusion of numerous themes learned before and during the last lesson.

  • Free trial lesson
What sets our online coding courses for kids apart is that here you can get acquainted with the teacher, the presentation of the material and get some hands-on experience for the cost of 0$ just by attending a trial lesson. And though it’s free, it is absolutely full-fledged and gives the child a chance to create their first project right away!

  • Сaptivating presentations
All our coding classes for kids online are built on the main incentive - to show that IT- disciplines are not only necessary and useful, but also fun!
We do not give ready-made solutions, but create all conditions so that the child would be interested and want to know how things work. We only guide them and help them to find logical connections and ways of solving the tasks.
Besides, all content is crafted so that any child could see small results almost immediately.

  • Friendly and experienced tutors
Our teachers are highly specialized IT-industry professionals who are passionate about programming and have extensive experience working with children of all ages.
They’re energetic, engaging, and are willing to adapt to any child’s needs and pace.

  • Practical focus
We do not use bare theory and apply a project-based approach. This means that every day there is a project waiting for the child and all new information which is being learned is focused on solving practical tasks. So that the child could feel like a real coder from the very few moments studying coding for kids online here.

  • Constant feedback
Itgenio strives to give parents a 100% understanding and control over their child's progress, so after each lesson you will receive feedback from the teacher in your personal account on the platform. This will include an overview of the topics covered, your child's projects, recommendations and tips on what they should pay attention to and what they can practice additionally.

  • Flexibility in timing
It is crucial to us that all our online coding courses for kids are as convenient as possible, and learning is as efficient as it can be. That's why the time and duration of breaks during classes can be chosen by your child, depending on their desire and the level of tiredness. Moreover, you can easily reschedule or cancel any classes via your personal account too.

2. How do Coding Classes For Kids go?

We are constantly working to ensure that the program we develop remains close to the cutting-edge technology novelties and, of course, is enjoyable for our young students. That's why we always move from simple to complex things: first we enable kids to learn new information by developing a project based on a video.
And then, to give the children more freedom and help them easier implement ideas in the future, they create a project on their own, based on the presentation

To make online coding for kids highly beneficial and enjoyable, our tutors also constantly use different educational fun games, drawings, videos and tests within the same lesson.

3. What Will Children Get With Online Coding Classes?

Round the clock access to our platform
Where you can log in and complete tasks at any time and wherever you are!
Lifetime access to the course
Including all educational resources, tests, presentations, as well as the chance to try your hand at Hackathons.
As soon as the course is completed, the child will get a certificate, acknowledging his success.