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Give your child the skills of tomorrow

Online coding school with a choice of 20+ subjects for children aged 5−18
ITGENIO — teaching children from all over the world since 2016
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Give your child the opportunity to try various engaging courses, learn new skills in a fun way and make new friends!
lack of hobbies or friends?
worried about their future profession?
child struggling with subjects at school?
uncertain about what the child is really into?
Logical thinking, attention, memory
Logical thinking, spatial imagination, concentration
Speech development, imagery thinking, concentration
Basic design skills, creativity, imagination
Video Editing
Motion Design, cinematic thinking, consistency
Creative thinking, imagination, aesthetic taste
Neural Networks
Innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving
Algorithmic thinking, creativity, problem-solving
Basic programming, problem-solving, computational thinking
Our school has classes in programming, computer graphics, 3D modeling, video editing and animation, mathematics, languages and much more
Over 20 courses in 3 categories to help your child find a true passion
Darlyne, UK
Mother of Delvyn, 7
”I am very happy with the lesson structure, the tutors and ease of communication. The platform itself is excellent! Kind, honest, professional and knowledgeable teachers.”
Hearing what students and parents have to say is our top priority
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Benefits of our educational platform
All classes take place on our tailor-made online platform convenient for both children and parents
Everything in one student account: lessons, materials, homework
All in one place
A laptop with an internet connection is all you need
Anywhere, anytime
Monitor your child's achievements in the parent’s account
Progress control
Interactive learning and study achievements to keep students engaged
Your child will always find peers with same interests
Social Communities
Learning by doing
Projects form student portfolios and can be used in the future
Project-based approach helps develop self-organization and presentation skills
During each class, children work on their projects with tutor guidance
John, 11
Python class student
Jane, 8
App inventor project
Sofia, 11
Photoshop class student
Daniel, 10
Scratch class student
Richard, 12
C# + Unity class student
Meet ITgenio tutors — experts that are passionate about children and their subject
Julio Cesar
I'm a Python, C++ and Scratch tutor at ITGENIO. I speak Spanish, English, Russian and a little bit of Arabic. My main goal is to inspire students to think big and admire all the amazing possibilities they can create.
Teaching experience 3 years
Teaching experience 4 years
I teach Scratch junior, Scratch, Mathematics, Physics and English. I like to see how my students begin to look at learning and development in a new way, because in the future it will really help them develop.
Teaching experience 2 years
I teach Scratch, Block Python and English courses in ITgenio. I have always enjoyed helping people reach their full potential and seeing them make progress. I always tell my students to try.
Teaching experience 4 years
It is not only me who teaches the kids, but also the kids who teach me. I adore teaching as my students are always eager to learn and play, and are always honest about things they don’t like.
Teaching experience 4 years
I teach Scratch Junior, which is an introductory programming language. I find pride in seeing children enjoy snapping together graphical programming blocks. See you in class!
Teaching experience 8 years
I’m a graphic designer and a tutor. I teach Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D modeling. I am sure that every child has great potential. I only need to look closely and listen to them and guide them in the right direction.
Teaching experience 1 year
Professionaly I am a chemist, but besides chemistry I also teach and provide guidance for languages, programming and biology. I love sharing my knowledge and seeing my student’s accomplishments.
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Answers to the most popular questions
01. Where can I find the password from my account if I forget it?
You create your own password for both accounts. If you forget the password from the parent’s account, use the "Forgot Password" button on the Login page. After you click on it you will get an email where you can set up a new password. If you don’t get the email, try to refresh the page and check the spam and promotions folders.

If you forget the password of the student’s account, go to the parent’s account and click on the student’s name. You’ll get to the Settings tab. There you can change username and password for the student.

If you have any technical problem, kindly contact our team and we will help you out.
02. How can I log in to my account?
To log into your account, go to and enter your login and password for the parent’s or student’s account
03. Where are the tests for the student to start more complicated courses?
ITgenik or a tutor adds all the necessary tests to your child’s account. The child needs to pass the test, because we want to check if the chosen course is suitable for the kid according to the skills and knowledge. ITgenik or a tutor will let you know when a test is available in a student’s account. The student just needs to open the Testing tab (upper left corner) and click "Start the test".
04. Where should the student wait for a call from a tutor?
10 minutes before class, the student should go to his or her account. There is the "Test connection" tab in the upper left corner. Please, make sure that everything works. As soon as the tutor starts the lesson, the student will see the "Go to the lesson" button.
By clicking it student will get to the lesson window.

If you have any difficulties, please, contact ITgenik!
05. What is the price for 1 class?
You can get more information about the cost and the payment for the classes on our pricing page. There are several lessons in each package. With more classes in one package you get a cheaper price for one class.
06. Where can I find the schedule of the classes?
We are an online school and we teach kids all around the world so we work 24 hours 7 days per week. The schedule is made up for each student individually. You can just choose the time which suits your child the best and we will send you the list of the most convenient classes we have for you. You also can sign your kid up for the online lesson from your personal account for the most comfortable day and time.
07. How can I pay for the classes?
You can pay for the classes either by your bank card or through PayPal in your personal parent account.
08. How should I choose the right course for my child?
It depends on the kid’s interests, his or her previous experience, computer skills and the age of the child. In our school children and teenagers can learn coding at different levels, as well as graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, mathematics and much more. We will be happy to help you to find the right course for your kid, just let us know and we will be there for you.
Any questions?
I will answer any question!
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