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App Inventor

App Development Classes for Kids

Block coding for creating Android mobile apps
Smartphones and tablets have become our irreplaceable assistants. A few clicks and numerous apps are already installed! Many children, who are fond of coding, are eager to create mobile games and useful apps by themselves.

But what to do if coding is too early for now? Start learning App Inventor! This language is pretty simple, because it was originally created for pupils. To code you don’t have to write code lines, as it is in “adult” programming language. Coding is aided by blocks, like in Scratch.

MIT App Inventor - a programming environment, developed by scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It’s a cloud environment for visual development of apps for OS Android platform. It doesn’t demand knowledge of programming languages such as Java and Android SDK, so basic knowledge of algorithmic development is enough.

The difference between App Inventor and Scratch is that App Inventor is intended for creating apps for a mobile device – either smartphone or tablet with OS Android. For example, it can “understand” data of an accelerometer of mobile device, control an integrated camera, see mobile’s space orientation and many other things.
Who are the classes suitable for?
  • For those who want to learn how to create mobile apps
  • For eight-year-olds and older, but those who are younger than nine need to take a check-up test for signing up
  • For those who aren’t psychologically ready to start learning “adult programming languages”
  • For those who know the Scratch basis (cycles, variables, lists, algorithms)
Programming with AppInventor
Learning the basics of programming,
creating mobile applications of varying complexity using visual programming.
Perfect for students aged 8+
Beginner level
Basic programming
Advanced programming
Introduction to App Inventor
The student will get acquainted with the AppInventor development environment, the "Design" and "Blocks" modes, the main components of the programming environment, and will also create their first mobile applications. The student will learn how to test and debug applications, save and install them on an Android mobile device, if available.
Mobile games development
Advanced programming
During the study of the module, the student will get acquainted with the creation of the server part of the application in App Inventor: the components "Web Viewer", "Call", "Qr code" and "TinyBD". The student will learn how to create Internet applications, work with databases.
The student will become familiar with App Inventor graphics principles, the Canvas, Ball, Sprite Images, and Timer components, as well as their properties and events. The student will learn how to create animations of the movement of objects, program actions when objects collide, and get acquainted with the coordinates of objects and the properties that ensure their movement.
Mobile apps development
During the study of the module, the student will get acquainted with the components “Sound”, “Button”, the “Screen” component, sensors, and also develop applications containing multimedia objects. The student will get acquainted with the concepts of “variable”, “array”, “procedures”, learn how to apply random number generation in a given range and get acquainted with the RGB color model.
• Talking bird • Roll the dice!
• Calculator • Images gallery • Quiz • Math simulator • Guess the number • Pedometer
• Golf • Snake • Magic ball • Ping pong • Labyrinth • Rock Paper • Scissors • Clicker
• Browser • Messenger • QR code scanner and generator • Database
This course will let children to create their own apps from the 1st lesson. Moreover, it will be possible to install these apps on their smartphones or tablets with OS Android, to use them, to share with friends and even to upload the apps in Google Play.

Don’t worry if you’re an Iphone or MAC user, App Inventor will suit you as well. If you don’t have an Android, just install a free software on your computer in order to use the Android screen emulator.
Why is a trial lesson a great opportunity for your child?
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