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Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab Programming for Kids

Kodu Game Lab is an interactive development environment for 3D games and animated three-dimensional scenes, aimed at children from 8 years old. The program is both a 3D designer and a programming platform, so the students playfully teach the basics of programming. The environment works Only for Windows

Kodu Game Lab is recommended to someone who likes to create more complex games than Scratch. Also, for those who are not yet ready to work with complex textual programming languages. Here the students use the approach of "visual programming", in which there is no need to write text at all, and we can proceed from the concept of an object in different states and reacting to external events.

The main purpose of Kodu Game Lab is to teach children programming with a focus on creating three-dimensional games and animated scenes. This environment introduces algorithms and basic programming concepts.

After passing the course, the students will achieve:

  • a better understanding of the process of developing programs for computers;
  • study methods of solving problems in game programming and try them out in practice;
  • they will learn to come up with the plot of the game, and the logic that the actions of the characters will obey;
  • the mathematical methods used in the means of branching and accrual of points will be worked out;
  • demonstrate in-depth knowledge of code development methods, creating increasingly complex games.
  • a positive attitude and interest in computer programming

What are the prospects?

Having mastered the material available in the Kodu Game Lab, the child will continue to improve the programming skills, but in a more professional development environment that requires writing code. Also, the child is ready to study other areas like 3D-modeling.

Requirements for students:

Reading skill is required. Ability to work with files (download, upload, switch from tab to tab, using the browser). The ability to work with the mouse.

The minimum age for registration is 8 years.

Kodu Game Lab
Kodu Game Lab is a unique visual programming constructor that allows children
without knowledge of programming languages to create 3D games.
Introduction into
Kodu Game Lab
beginner level
10-15 hours
The student will learn the basics of programming; learn to execute linear algorithms, algorithms with loops and branching, simulate the movement and interaction of objects.

Algorithms and programs. Kodu Game Lab Interface. Controlling the linear motion of the object Landscape, creating 3D-world. Path tool. Clones and parent option. A timer and a counter. Variable. Teleport. Controlling of objects. Linear speed. End game condition.
• Maze part • Creation of a teleport • Water Polo game • The game "Attack of the Clones" •
Simple games based on a suggested scenario
intermediate level
16-20 hours
The student will learn to develop complex algorithms containing basic algorithmic constructions and auxiliary algorithms; control of objects complex motion; simulate motion along a complex trajectory at different speed; develop complex programs for the executor.

Conditions for game objects interaction. Hidden objects. Sound implementation. The concept of procedure. Multilevel games. Description of the game. Genre of the game. Strategy of the game. Game mechanics.
• Shutter • Watch • Rover Explorer • Race for the Crop • Platformer Mario •
Complex games based on a suggested scenario
advanced level
6-10 hours
The student will create complex, multi-level 3D games and develop their final project to apply the knowledge, algorithmic and spatial reasoning.

Description of the scenario and algorithms. Advanced usage of parent option. Parent and child actions. The logical operation of negation. Complex game mechanics. Spatial reasoning. Multilevel 3D world.
• Arkanoid • Parkour • Pacman • Tower defense • Big Construction • Game "Finding Nemo" • Treasure hunt game • Football •
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