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We will teach your child coding to succeed in the future

Individual learning path
Online from anywhere in the world
From 5 to 18 years old
Tutor will find perfect path for your child
You can explore our platform
Your child will love our fun interactive lessons
We will teach your child coding to succeed in the future
Individual learning path
Online from anywhere in the world
From 5 to 16 years old
The families from 70 countries trust us
Friendly and truly caring tutors
A convenient way of online learning
Since 2016 we have taught more than 21.000 children and more than 95% of our young students and their parents would recommend ITgenio to their friends and relatives.
Our tutors go through a three-stage selection process and all of them have some practical teaching experience and provide every single child with special attention and support.
We provide you with a responsive and easy-to-use platform where tutors communicate with children via our video chat.
We are a well-known CIS online coding school and we teach children all around the world
We smile a lot, but we do take it seriously. We understand how to prepare your child for a successful career
How do we teach?
We do understand how it’s hard sometimes to interest your child in studies. We also know that reading books and listening to lectures do not work for all kids. That's why we developed and applied a project-based approach for teaching our young students. During each class, children explore the new concepts and aspects of the programming languages by creating their own projects with the professional guidance of our tutors. These projects become part of their portfolios and can be used for their future in professional programming and be shared with their peers in our ITgenio communities.
Project-based approach - Learning by doing
How it works
All classes take place on our online platform ITgenio
Watch the video to prepare for your trial lesson with ITgenio
Benefits for children
Coding helps to think systemically and logically
Development of the ability to learn on their own
Improvement of focus and concentration, mathematic skills
After completing the course children get the certificate
The training environment is friendly and supportive allowing the child to feel confident in the class
The knowledge gained on the lessons will be useful in the career in the future
Instead of playing games your child will also create them!
Growth of logical thinking
Increasing self-reliance
Improving school performance
Boost motivation
Confident future
Better use of technologies
Our courses
Our programs are developed by our expert tutors which will help your child to succeed in this challenging world
The advantages of online platform
Our online learning platform has been adopted for the kids and their parents
Convenient and easy to use student account
All the classes and communications with the tutor take place inside the student account. This is where all the materials and homework are located also. You do not have to download any additional programs or buy any manuals
We created our online platform in such a way that students are highly involved in the learning process. Children join the classes, do their homework and earn "the achievements" for which they receive the additional bonuses.
Motivation in learning
In your parent's personal account you can monitor your child's achievements. Our tutors always personally control the progress of the kids and adjust the learning program when it is necessary.
Progress control
Children will be able to join social communities by interests. The child will be able to expand the skills, make new friends and will gain confidence in communications with peers.
Social Communications
Are you still hesitating in choosing us?
We want you to be sure we are the right one for you. That's why we let you try our service first and provide you with a free trial class:
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Meet our team
There are more than 200 tutors working at our school. They will become not just the coaches but also true friends for your children.
«As a teenager I dreamed of going to school as exciting as playing computer games. I grew up and created a school I dreamed about. In ITgenio we take care of each class and make sure the programs are suitable for every single student. Our tutors become not just the coaches but also good friends for the children, who are always here to support them.»
Bogdan Gritsovets
The Founder of ITGENIO school
Liza Hotylova
Bright Oppong (tutor)
Galindo Buitrago Julio Cesar
Aitolkyn Kulmuratova
David Lusambya
Darina Bosuk (tutor)
Zahal Ozturk
Anastasia Koleda
We care what you think about us
My daughter has been taking classes with İTgenio for nearly a year. She started with Scratch only and then decided to take Photoshop classes as well. To say that she is happy to be with İTgenio is to say nothing! She does enjoy every moment she spends with her tutors and everything she learns! İ can see that my girl is more self-confident now because she can see what she can create!... read the full review

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Here you can find answers on the most popular questions
Where can I find the password from my account if I forget it?
You create your own password for both accounts. If you forget the password from the parent's account, use the "Forgot Password" button on the Login page. After you click on it you will get an email where you can set up a new password. If you don't get the email, try to refresh the page and check the spam and promotions folders. If you forget the password from the student's account, go to the parent's account and click on the student's name. You'll get to the Settings tab. There you can change username and password for the student. If you have any technical problem, kindly contact our team and we will help you out.
How can I log in to my account?
To log in to your account go to the website: enter login and password for the parent's or student's account
Where are the tests for the student to start more complicated courses?
ITgenik or a tutor adds all the necessary tests to your child's account. The child needs to pass the test, because we want to check if the chosen course is suitable for the kid according to the skills and knowledge. ITgenik or a tutor will let you know when a test is available in a student's account. The student just needs to open the tab Testing (upper left corner) and click "Start the test".
Where should the student wait for a call from a tutor?
10 minutes before class, the student should go to his or her account. There is the tab "Test connection" in the upper left corner. Please, make sure that everything works. As soon as the tutor starts the lesson, the student will see the button "Go to the lesson".

By clicking it the student will get to the lesson window. If you have any difficulties, please, contact ITgenik!
What is the price for 1 class?
You can get more information about the cost and the payment for the classes here There are several lessons in each package. With more classes in one package you get a cheaper price for one class.
Where can I find the schedule of the classes?
We are an online school and we teach kids all around the world so we work 24 hours 7 days per week. The schedule is made up for each student individually. You can just choose the time which suits your child the best and we will send you the list of the most convenient classes we have for you. You also can sign your kid up for the online lesson from your personal account for the most comfortable day and time.
How can I pay for the classes?
You can pay for the classes either by your bank card or through PayPal in your personal parent account.
How should I choose the right course for my child?
It depends on the kid's interests, his or her previous experience, computer skills and the age of the child. In our school children and teenagers can learn coding at different levels, as well as graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, mathematics and much more. We will be happy to help you to find the right course for your kid, just let us know and we will be there for you.
Any questions?
I will answer any question!
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