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Computer literacy

Computer literacy

Through this class you can learn how to work on the computer and acquire new skills of working with basic programs and the Internet.
#from 7 years old
In the modern world, it is unrealistic to study and work without a computer. It is necessary for all people, starting from school age. Therefore, it is most useful and expedient to start learning from school age, when the student literally "absorbs" knowledge and subsequently begins to use it on an intuitive level. The course "Computer literacy" is dedicated to the techniques of effective modern work on a personal computer. There is the whole variety of office programs for Windows and iOS, such as Microsoft Office and much more.

Classes on “Computer literacy” are suitable for:
  • the beginners (if you’ve never worked on computer)
  • those who want to improve computer skills in office applications

Extra computer skills for the beginners are not required.

Computer literacy

Teaching computer fluency at the level of a confident user to use the acquired knowledge in their daily lives.

Basic level
Advanced level
Basics of work
The student will learn the user interface, basic mouse and touchpad techniques, learn how to select a language, learn the keyboard, master the Internet, work with tabs, bookmarks, incognito mode and the rules of behavior on the Internet.
Digital creativity
The student will know the basic drawing tools in MS Paint. Learn the basics of 3D modeling in 3D Paint. Learn simple photo manipulation in Photoshop Online and create video clips in Movavi Video Suite.
Basic computer skills
The student will learn how to use keyboard commands, a computer search engine, understand the task manager, perform basic operations with files / folders, create shortcuts, manage windows, work with archives and mail.
Google cloud storage
The student will learn all the features of a Google account and the basics of Google Drive, working in Google Docs documents, working with Google Spreadsheets. Learn how to create and use all the features of Google Slides, conduct surveys and tests in Google Forms, create diagrams in Google Drawings and work with Google Maps.
Computer components
The student will study the features of the computer devices and operating systems. He will have an idea about input and output devices, memory devices, what a processor, video card, motherboard is needed for and what they are, what to look for when buying a computer.
• Mouse/touchpad • Task bar • Keyboard • Browser • Internet
• Basic computer concepts: operating system, desktop, file, shortcut, folder, main menu, taskbar, etc • Archive • Mail
• Input Devices • Output devices • Memory devices • CPU • Video card • Motherboard
• MS Paint • 3D Paint • Photoshop Online • Movavi Video Suite
• Google drive • Google Docs • Google Spreadsheets • Google Slides • Google Forms • Google Drawings • Google maps and sites
Office software: Microsoft Office
In Word, the student will learn how to work with the basic tools and draw up a creative project. In Excel, the student will learn how to work with tables and formulas, build graphs and charts. In PowerPoint, the student will get acquainted with the structure of the presentation, learn how to create template slides, work with text, add symbols, pictures, sounds and tables, and design presentations.
• MS Word • MS Excel • MS Power Point
Final project
The student will complete a creative final project in the Computer Literacy course.
2 lessons
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