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Coding on Java
What will a student do in a Java course?

Java Coding for Kids

How often do you hear the word "Java"? Did you know that more than 3 million devices use the Java programming language? What is the reason for such popularity? Let's figure it out.

First of all, Java is the language used for server applications in large corporations. For example, it is widely used in banks, or even the server side of Google is written in Java.

Java is also actively used for web applications developing. For instance, in the European and US markets, many government, insurance, education, and defense web applications are written in Java.

One of the most popular Java branches is Android applications. If you have an Android phone, then all the applications are written in Java using some other technologies.That is why many kids are interested in coding specifically in java, as everything they like on their gadgets is created with this language.
Desktop applications (on a PC), development tools, and even embedded systems like smart cards, sensors, bank cards and many other devices use Java. Also, set-top boxes, lottery terminals, printers, webcams, medical devices, navigation systems for cars, parking payment machines and others work on the basis of this technology. So you probably come across this programming language many times a day, and not only as a parent thinking about bringing your child to a java class.

Such popularity is due to the efficiency, versatility, portability and, an important factor, the security of the technologies. The question about the need for Java can be answered very simply: without this technology, it would be impossible to purchase something in the online store, and there would be no question of effective applications for mobile phones. That is why nowadays Java remains the leading position in the programming world. Making java coding for kids one of the most popular classes on our platform.

Who can learn Java?

To study Java coding for kids, we recommend learning the basic material on Scratch and a "text" language at a good level (Python or JavaScript).

For students from 12 years old.

What do children learn?

Our carefully elaborated study program provides from the very basics of programming on Java to the creation of complex and real projects. But before starting the educational course focused on development of complex projects such as an online store, a car showroom and more, students must go through the coding
languages and general software base thoroughly. That’s why our java coding for kids course includes a number of topics of varying complexity and focus on developing different skills, as well as a huge number of additional tasks on each topic for better assimilation and consolidation of the material.

Studying is built on the following stages:
  • 1st stage — a training video or a coach's explanation, where a child receives initial information on this topic; with each topic there is an example for better absorption of the material.
  • 2nd stage — a discussion of the material (a conversation) between a student and their professional coach in which the coach is able to assess how well the student understood the material. Also, if necessary, the trainer explains the material again and gives illustrative examples to make the java classes for the child as efficient as possible.
  • 3rd stage — a student applies new knowledge by performing practical tasks, which become more and more challenging with each step of the our java coding for kids course.
  • 4th stage — at the end of each topic, a student makes a project to see live results of everything they learn during coding for kids java lessons.
  • 5th stage* — GUI project / game creation / application developmen

Regarding the hours required for a specific topic: there is no clear set time, since each child is different. Two lessons are enough for some to master a topic, while the others need to analyze the material more thoroughly and patiently, therefore needing five, or even seven lessons on a specific topic. And to make the java classes more effective, every parent has the possibility to track the progress of their child and see how much information has been.

Java Programming

Course for future front-end and back-end web programmers, web application developers.
Suitable for students from 12 years old.

The Java programming course is taught by top-tier tutors

Arelis Alejandra Reyes Guerra
About Java programming course
About our tutors
Top tutor
Our tutors boast not just expertise in Java Programming but also practical skills across design, 3D modeling, digital graphics, programming, video editing, and game development. This multidisciplinary approach not only ensures comprehensive training in neural networks but also mentorship that helps students discover their passions and potential career paths.
11 tutors
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The tutor will become not only a mentor but also a friend to your child
Fascinating Facts About the Course

As of today, there are hardly any areas left where neural networks aren't being used to enhance our lives. If you're unsure how to utilize them
Fascinating Facts About the Course

As of today, there are hardly any areas left where neural networks aren't being used to enhance our lives. If you're unsure how to utilize them
Languages of instruction: eng
BS in Computer Systems and Artificial Intelligence
• Operating System: Windows 8/8.1/10 x64, Mac OS 10.12 or later;
• Installed browser Google Chrome;
• RAM: 4 GB (recommended 8 GB);
• Processor 2-core with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz (preferably 4-core if possible);
• Hard disk space: at least 4-6 GB of free hard disk space;
• Screen resolution: preferably 1280x800 pixels;
• Microphone or headset;
• Speakers;
• Internet connection from 1 Mbps.
System requirements
1. Is Java a good choice for kids who are interested in programming?
First of all, Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means that it organizes data and code into "objects" that interact with one another. This makes it easier for kids to understand the structure of a program and how different parts of the code work together.
Secondly, Java has a relatively simple syntax, which means that it is easy to read and write. This makes it perfect for kids to understand the code and to debug any errors they may encounter.

2. What can Java be used for?
Java is a versatile language that can be used to create many types of programs, including games, apps, and web pages. This makes it absolutely wonderful for kids who are interested in different areas of programming.

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