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Student Projects

Explore the projects created by ITgenio students all around the world!

Scratch Junior Benji is looking for his mommy
Look such an amazing cartoon was created by one of our youngest students Eyal from Israel!
In his sweet cartoon, the small dinosaur named Benji is looking for his mom. The idea and the way Eyal transformed it into the project simply amazed us and we decided to share it with you.
During our Scratch junior class, your child will learn the basics of computer literacy and will get some programming skills to make their own cartoons and interactive stories (this course is suitable for children who don't know how to read). Scratch Junior is a basic programming language where the scripts are collected from multicolored bricks – which are called blocks. Kids have a lot of fun working with them and enjoy these classes a lot!
Just sign your junior programmer up for the trial Scratch Junior lesson with us and we guarantee your child will love it!
Scratchgame "Keys"
Would you like to play the game "Keys", that our student Daniel created in Scratch environment?
When finding the keys, you will get diamonds that you can exchange for music. It is a simple but very creative game, which is fun to play!
Click here and enjoy:)

Daniel really loves coding in Scratch and created this game just after his five lessons with ITgenio!
Scratch is perfect for the kids from 7 years old who have no experience in coding. Coding in this environment will let your children create their first games and animations under the guidance of our experienced tutors.
We are excited to welcome your child in our Scratch lessons!
Minecraft - Panda Sanctuaries
The team of our students took a part in the first Minecraft Educational Global Build Championship of 2020, which was attended by children all over the world. During this championship kids developed creative solutions for the environment which would allow animals and people to use the natural resources in sustainable way and live in harmony.
You can take a look at the final work of our students here
We are proud of what our students Tatiana, Maksim, and Victor have created.
And we invite all children to join our Minecraft classes today!
Python — Sapper game
All of us have played Sapper, but not everyone thought about how this game is created. Our student Ivan made his version of this game using the Python programming language.
He created the entire project by himself, and his wonderful work shows that with knowing the base and being creative you can do serious and impressive projects!
Any of our ideas can be transformed into a real project with Python. Even if the child has never done programming before, this language can be understandable on the intuitive level and helps children to immerse in the right atmosphere, and thanks to your trainers, there will be no problem with learning it and creating such great projects.
We will be waiting for your children on our Python classes.
Photoshop - Harry's Snitch
Do you remember the main rule of quidditch game? The seeker who catches the Snitch ends the game!
Our student Sofia likes reading books about Harry Potter and she loves working in Photoshop. Look what she was able to create after 100 hours working in Photoshop program with ITgenio!
Working in the graphic editor helps children to develop a sense of taste and aesthetics, the ability to see and create beautiful things. Such skills will be definitely useful in the future.
We will be looking forward to meeting your children in our Photoshop classes!
Roblox game Super Tower Defense
Let us introduce you Dmitriy, one of our students and the creator of the game who is just 12 years old, and already building a successful career in the world of technologies!
Now in his 8th month with ITgenio, Dmitriy developed the game which a lot of people all over the world enjoy playing. Here is what Dmitriy says about his achievement and his story with ITgenio:
"At the beginning, I was taught how to use the templates, and when I became good at it, I started receiving more complicated tasks, like creating game maps. I continued improving in creating models, and we started to study real coding. There are many presentations in ITgenio that teach you how to make good scripts for Roblox. In ITgenio I was also given videos that allowed me to learn how to make interesting modules for games. And I'm happy the game I created with ITgenio school is so popular now and may inspire other children to start learning how to code"
Do you want your child to create cool games? Then just sign your child up for a free class with us today!
You can find and play this game here
3D modeling — 3D Yellow Tram
Just take a look at this wonderful 3D model created by our student Olga from Israel!

To achieve the skill to be able to create such great works, Olga has been taken training in 3D modeling with Itgenio and made this project in a professional Blender program.
Does your child want to create environments or characters for the games? Or maybe he or she dreams of connecting life with architecture and design? Or help the world with creating some innovations in any industry? 3D-modeling skills will be super useful in the future career!
Sign up for 3D-modeling lessons today, and we teach your child how to work in different programs depending on the age and initial programming skills!
C # + Unity - On the way to Eucalyptus
Our student Richard on his 5th month of learning Unity programming language created a cool game. Here is what he says about his achievement:
"The game "On the way to Eucalyptus" had its start in a series of videos about creating a platform from the standard course but I loved working on this project and decided to continue developing and improving the game. I've got a great idea for the players to create their own potions using their imagination and mixing the recipes all the time, finding new combinations that help to get better results.
During my work on the project, I was constantly improving my programming skills, especially in pixel art creation, and was developing new mechanics for the game. I'm still working on it, and I hope everyone in the near future will be able to play "On the way to Eucalyptus"!
If your children dream about creating such great projects and their own games we will be waiting for you in our Unity classes!
Adobe Illustrator Salon
This illustration was created by Avital Zusin, our talented student from Prague. 3 months of studying at our school were enough for thirteen-year-old Avital to learn the program and create such wonderful work.
During our Illustrator classes children create their own icons and logos, design websites, create applications and games, make their own layouts for printing, draw in the flat style, create their own sticker packs, and much more.
We are proud of the work of our students so much and will be happy to see your child in our Illustrator classes!
App inventor — Yana's Browser
Our student Yana during her App inventor learning course created a real browser. Yes, you got it right, she created a real browser which you can install on your phone! You can enter the address of it in the address bar and move forward and back between the tabs. You can see all the pages in the bottom half of the application.
Look how creative Yana is, with the design of the application! We are simply proud of her achievement and invite your children in our fun, interactive and so productive App inventor classes where they will be able to create mobile games and useful apps by themselves!
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