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Discovering your child’s talent and creative potential
Developing digital design skills
Mastering in-demand professions
12,000+ lessons per year
3D modeling
Your child will create 3D models using Tinkercad, Sculptris, Blender
Spatial thinking
Creative thinking
Learning to use Photoshop, studying principles of design, developing taste
Photo Editing
Video Editing
Practicing post-processing and editing of captured video
Movie making
Video production
Quick start
Color theory, composition, fonts and shapes knowledge
Vector illustrations
Making music
Learning to use FL Studio, recording and mixing of audio/MIDI material
Musical taste
Anime Studio
Creation of 2D animation, study of bone characters
Aesthetic taste
Spatial imagination
After Effects
Creating motion graphics, animation and various special effects
Motion Design
Movie making
Cinematic thinking
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Answers to the most popular questions
What Do Kids Study at Our Online Design Classes?
Our design courses are the best choice for kids who want to get knowledge and practical experience in graphic design & 3D modelling, while being able to create videos, animations and cartoons.
Who Can Attend Web Design Classes?
Although web design classes for kids are built on the principle "from simple to complex" and start with learning basic graphical ideas, each course has some specific characteristics.

This course will let children create complex three-dimensional objects from simple shapes, combine them into new ones and create amazing special effects.
To dive into the world of 3D, kids do not need to have prior special skills, but still the ability to work with a browser, keyboard and сontrol a cursor with a mouse will be very important.
Please note that depending on the complexity of the program being used (we work with TinkerCad, Sculptris, and Blender), the age limits are respectively: 7 years for TinkerCad, 8 years for Sculptris, and 12 for Blender.

Being among the most popular web design courses for kids, it allows any child from the age of 8 to master all the basic program tools for creating cool collages, draw icons and logos, create animations, as well as teach techniques for working with color, drawing and retouching.
To attend these Photoshop courses, you must have a computer on which you can install Adobe Photoshop and have basic computer skills.

Video Editing
This entertaining and exciting course will help children learn how to work in Adobe Premiere Pro, create video transitions, use effects, creative visual and audio sequences.
Recommended student age: 10 years old.
In addition to the skills of working with a browser, mouse and keyboard, it is desirable that the child already knows how to create and rename folders, download files.

The purpose of this course is to teach children how to work with vector graphics to create cool logos, icons, layouts, and be able to edit vector images.
In addition to installing the Adobe Illustrator program, it is important that the child already has an understanding of the basic concepts of computer manipulation, managing computer files, working with a browser, and confident use of a mouse. Required age for this course: 10 years and older.

Program After Effects, on which we will work, will allow the young student to enter the world of visualizations of cool ideas and help you learn how to turn any video into a spectacular masterpiece.
These web design classes for kids are suitable for children from 11 years old and require computer skills at a confident level: using web browsers, keyboarding, confidently controlling the mouse.
How Do Design Classes For Kids Go?
We are constantly working to ensure that the program we develop remains close to the cutting-edge technology novelties and, of course, is enjoyable for our young students. That's why we always move from simple to complex things: first we enable kids to learn new information by developing a project based on a video.

And then, to give the children more freedom and help them easier implement ideas in the future, they create a project on their own, based on the presentation

To make online coding for kids highly beneficial and enjoyable, our tutors also constantly use different educational fun games, drawings, videos and tests within the same lesson.
What Will Children Get With Online Design Classes?
Round the clock access to our platform
Where you can log in and complete tasks at any time and wherever you are.

Lifetime access to the course
Including all educational resources, tests, presentations, as well as the chance to try your hand at Hackathons.

As soon as the course is completed, the child will get a certificate, acknowledging their success.