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Online Math Courses for Kids

We will help to tighten and deepen math knowledge, improve grades, increase interest in learning
#from 8 years
Many students don't like the word “Math". They tend to think that there are 2 types of people: “smarty" ones who have good knowledge of math, and “the others". Math is sooo boring. Numbers, digits, unknowns, equations, formulas... But nevertheless, everyone needs Math.

Math, like any other sphere of human activity, demands hard work (as well as dancing, drawing, sewing, knitting). We learn to count from childhood when these actions seem elementary, but the process of education may be hard and confusing. In math, every topic can be elementary if learned properly.

Even the simplest topics should be sorted through and consolidated via practical applications. The goal of our online math class is to help students understand this subject and to show that math actually can be interesting.

Who are the math classes suitable for?
Our online Math courses for kids are developed specially for students aged between 8 to 15 years old who:
  • consider Math to be complicated and boring
  • are fond of the subject and want to learn more
  • want to consolidate school curriculum's knowledge
We also pay particular attention to the varying topics of math such as numbers, fractions, equations, enequations, functions, area, perimeter, cubage, derivatives, integral and logical operations.

Knowledge gained is consolidated through practical applications.
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