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Online Chess Lessons For Kids

Your kid will learn how to play chess and how to think logically and quickly under the supervision of the experienced tutor.
While playing chess, a kid counts up many variations and chooses the best ones. Thanks to the skill of analyzing and planning, a kid will be trained to reach his goals in terms of study, hobbies or future career.
Why you should study chess?
Chess teaches to analyze
Chess is great for training memory and developing concentration. It includes not only memorizing the variants and schemes, but also practical applications.
As all the other kinds of sport, chess demands from a player to be self-disciplined, motivated and assumes competition. Of course, everybody likes to win, but it’s equally important to be able to accept defeats. The ability to win is a very important character trait that, with the help of chess, can be acquired.
The game of chess assumes that a kid will develop some of his/her time to this calm pastime. But a kid won’t be bored playing face-to-face with a tutor. Otherwise, during the individual training, it will be easier for a kid to concentrate on learning something new and deal with the challenges without distraction.
Chess is mind-training
Chess teaches to compete in healthy environment
Chess develops patience and concentration
Classes are given by the best tutors
Our tutors can teach in 5 languages (Russian, English, Hebrew, French and German)
Our high-standard shortlisting lets us hire the most experienced tutors in term of working with kids
290 000+
70 countries
since 2016
our tutors have given lessons
parents trust us with their kids
we are helping to successfully study online
Our tutors can easily hit it off with kids that make the educational process more productive
Every student has his own individual
program. Tutor bares in mind the initial knowledge level, goals and interests of a student.
Thanks to a flexible schedule, it’s possible to have classes at any time. Moreover, you can choose the duration of a class (60/120 mins)
You have an opportunity to choose any experienced tutor and to work out a missed class.
Learning process
Elementary level
Intermediate level
Advanced level
Revision and studying of all the pieces
and game rules.
Studying of the typical mate delivery
(line mate, king and rook, queen and
rook, knight and bishop, two-bishops
Mate delivery problem solving.
Learning the basis of chess opening,
midgame and endgame.
The principal tactics (pin, deflection, interference, blocking, etc).
Problem solving according to the
examined topics.
Strategy and tactic basis (king-and-pawn endgame, center structure, kingside attack, king’s protection, zugzwang)
Endgames (pawn endings, knight endings, queen endings, rook endings)
Practicing via match games with real players
Get access to our platform, where several thousand students from different countries are constantly studying and communicating.
Constant access to the course and all materials, as well as the opportunity to participate in hackathons and school Olympiads.
At the end of the course, the student receives a certificate.
What will the student get
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