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TOP 6 Highest-Paying IT Jobs

TOP 6 Highest-Paying IT Jobs

IT specialists are, not for the first year, in first position in the ranking of the most popular and highest-paying jobs. This industry is developing rapidly, which leads to the emergence of new professional areas where trained specialists are needed.

Below we will talk about 6 highest-paying IT careers that will be in demand in 2022. This will help you to choose the right professional path for your child in the future.
  1. Soft Developer
The profession that has always been, remains, and will be in the top spot. There are no technology projects which exist without the developer, whether it is software, website, mobile application, computer games or other technological products.

The programming languages that are in high demand in the field of development are Java and Python. C# and PHP languages are also popular.

Developers are needed in all IT companies, research centers, web studios, and organizations where it is necessary to work on the creation of new applications, sites, and so on.
2. System administrator
System administrator is a person whose duties include monitoring of all the computer programs at the office. He has the necessary qualifications for providing the smooth operation of all systems and networks. It is the system administrator who helps the employees if their equipment is out of service.

Today this profession is in extremely high demand in the market. Having the necessary qualifications, such a specialist can work in any office and organization where there are computers and access to the network.
3. Data Analyst
There is none of a large business that is complete without the analyst position, as this work helps to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of the entire company, identify the problems and develop solutions to eliminate them.

An analyst is a specialist who collects, processes and analyzes information.

The main task of such specialists is to conduct tests for the collection and analysis of information, develop technical specifications, build algorithms, and design software. In addition, during the working process, the analyst tests the systems and eliminates the errors.
4. UX/UI Designer
A UX/UI designer is a specialist who creates user interfaces. The main task is to make them convenient and easy to use for the client. The UI designer collects the data he needs from the clients, and based on its analysis, draws the interface. UX designers, on the other hand, make it look attractive, holistic, and easy to understand to the user.

High-quality and convenient design increases sales, that’s why professional UX/UI designers are in demand in the IT sphere.
5. Test Engineer
The test engineer checks programs for their possible errors and failures. They can create models of certain situations and see how the program reacts to them. If there are problems during the testing process, they are engaged in fixing them.

Test engineers are in demand in companies that create different programs, websites, and mobile applications.
6. Cybersecurity Specialist
Nowadays the number of IT security crimes is constantly growing: theft of data and passwords, hacking sites, theft of money, and much more. In order to prevent these actions, a security specialist position is in high demand in the IT world today.

The main tasks of this position are to search for any vulnerabilities, ensure the safe operation of all systems, and implement the equipment for the protection of information.

Cybersecurity specialists are in demand in IT and financial companies, as well as government and defense organizations.
At the end of this article, we would like to mention again that professions in the world of IT are in extremely high demand. If you feel like one of them might be interesting for your child and you are looking for a suitable IT training course for him or her, then we invite you to the online school ITgenio. Here your child can get any course in programming, UX/UI design, school subjects, and much more. Our professional managers will evaluate the level of preparation of your children before the start of classes and select the right program for them.
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