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Top 10 games which will teach your child coding

Top 10 games which will teach your child coding

Today programming is at the peak of its popularity. Studying it develops cognitive functions in the brain, improves logical thinking, and helps to learn accurate sciences faster. That’s why it is advisable to start learning the basics from the age of 4.

However, it is difficult for a child to remember and perceive complex information. But if it is served as a fun game, the training will go without any problems. There are a large number of games and platforms, by playing which the child learns the basics of programming with great interest. In this article we will introduce you to the most popular of them.
Kodable is designed to teach programming to the youngest users. According to the developer, you can learn code earlier than learning letters.

Even 2-3-year-olds can move through the labyrinths, as all recommendations and tips are made in the form of graphic elements.

The app is designed for the iOS platform. While the children will be passing labyrinths they will learn the basics of programming: cycles, functions, debugging. The characters of the game are bright animated aliens. Children simply love them!

The free trial is available in 45 levels. In order to get a large number of tasks, you need to buy a pro version.
Code Monkey Island
A high-quality table game that introduces children to programming. The story of the Code Monkey Island game is exciting and fun, so the child does not really notice how he/she gets useful skills.

It's easy to play. It only takes 45 minutes. Players need to strictly follow the task cards and all the conditions prescribed (for example, move the monkey on the island, without stepping on the rocks).

The form of this entertainment is not chosen by accident. The developer made a good environment for the family time holidays. It is designed for children over 8 years old.
An app that is presented by several versions (one for computers and one for mobile - Android and iOs). The developer presents it as a social puzzle.

The game is designed for school age children and adults. You need to guide the robot through the labyrinths. There is a small number of teams available for achieving the goals.

Robozzle has unlimited tries not for understanding the basics, but for constant repetition and practice.
Cargo-Bot is another game for children over the age of 5 that is designed to be used on iOS devices. However, the youngest users can play only a few levels, the other tasks are more difficult.

The player needs to use a crane to move the boxes at the factory. The concepts of cycles, procedures, and debugging are used in the game.
A game for teenagers and adults, that is played and in which programming becomes an exciting process. The developer has provided versions for all platforms, both computer OS and mobiles.

The main purpose of the platform is to build a special mechanism that will help to fight monsters. The elements of programming and just a fantastic story of the game are suitable for high school students.
Robot Turtles
Table game for children 3-8 years old, which teaches kids programming with the use of instruction cards. The convenient form also allows children to develop their skills into commands.

The players are given a limited set of commands and debugging capabilities to achieve their goals. Understanding the game process comes in a few minutes.
The manufacturer has set a minimum age for the user 13, but young children can participate in the game process if they follow instructions. The feature of the browser game is that the child learns to use the code in its purest form.

Initially, the child can start the game in single-player mode, but can later practice with other players. The main advantage of the project is that the most talented players get invited to work in the different companies because during the game, the child learns many programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript and others.
This is another exciting platform for the youngest users. The gameplay is available to kids from 4 years old. This product stands out among analogs with an existing combination of the physical and digital world. Teamwork and collaboration skills are also developed by playing this game.

Children will need to place titles with different commands on the grid. The tactility and gameplay captivates kids, making them interested in the game for a long time.
This game is in the genre of fantasy, which helps to introduce children from 9 till 14 years old to the basics of programming. The application's interesting story and characters are what make it different.

To perform the actions, children will need to use magic runes, helping Aurora (the main character) to make her father be free. As new concepts (conditions, functions, variables) are implemented during the game, commands and tasks become more complex.
Machineers is a training application for users 8-14 years old. The game is made in the style of adventure. The users deal with the broken devices. By using the principles and commands of programming, they will need to repair the proposed devices.

With the help of the game, the child gets prepared for the upcoming training. There is no code and mathematical elements, but the child will learn to think logically, write and read programming processes.
It is worth saying that all these games and projects not only introduce children to the world of programming, but also help improve their logical thinking, and let them have some fun. If you want your child to study programming deeply, we invite you to our online school ITgenio! We organize the classes in such a way the tutor has groups of students at the same time, but kids don't hear or see each other, so each student is in a tet-a-tet mode with the coach and follows his/her individual program. We always focus on the goals and interests of parents and children of any age. Our professional managers will evaluate the level of preparation of your child before the classes and select the right program for him or her.
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