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How to get your child interested in programming

How to get your child interested in programming

5 important tips for parents
In our century of modern technologies, the professions that are associated with IT are becoming very popular. That’s why many parents would like to provide a bright future for their children from childhood. But it is one thing to want a child to get interested in programming, and another thing to captivate them into studies, taking them away from just playing on gadgets and devices. So what are the best ways to do that?
  • Show children by personal example that programming is interesting and entertaining. Children, especially at a very young age, have a unique ability to observe the behavior of adults and surrounding people, and unconsciously assimilate some of their habits.
  • Tell them about games where they need to apply programming skills.
    The modern generation is very dependent on video games, mobile applications, and devices in general. So why don’t you use it in a different way? You should look for courses that in a game format introduce your child to the world of programming. For example, the Scratch language is one of the most popular and easy to understand on the basic stage. The chance that your child will want to continue his/her studies is very high.
  • Develop your own game or app for your child.
    This advice is more suitable for parent-programmers, however, absolutely everyone can use it. If you know any programming language, then it will not be difficult for you to create a game or mobile application that could attract your child and make him/her interested in digital technologies. Most probably the child will be surprised and will want to do something like this by themself.

    For those who do not have such skills, there is another option for you - to order a game. Only parents know their own child as well as anyone else. You know what your child likes, what things or games, most probably, he or she won’t like, and what the game better focuses on. That is why you can use the opportunity to make an order from a programmer according to certain criteria and your needs.
  • Attend themed events.
    Today there are so many events where children can be introduced to the world of programming. Visiting such exhibitions and forums, spending time there with peers, can change the child's opinion on programming completely.
  • Sign up for special children's programming courses.
    There is no need to say that the material presented in an interesting, fun way is learned by children much faster and more efficiently than just theoretical texts. That is why you should choose the programming course for your children that will captivate them and will become a good start in this useful hobby.
However, the most important thing that parents should do is not to force the child to do what he or she does not want to. By explaining all the pros and cons of programming and trying your best to involve them in coding. If they have at least a small interest, you will achieve much greater success and will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with your child.
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