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Anime Studio

Animation in Anime Studio

A course for beginner animators. The student will learn the principles of animation, how to draw and animate characters, master anatomy, and skeleton animation, draw complex scenes and understand the principles of physics.
#from 9 years old
Anime Studio Pro/Moho – it’s a professional program for animation creating and visual effects. On our Anime Studio classes in Itgenio we are showing kids the animation creating basis, the program’s interface and basic instruments. We are teaching them how to use visual effects, filters, how to work with sound, text, how to add transitions and create 2D animation.

After classes a kid will be able to create a video sequence, do enjoyable transitions and a voice-over, add a video caption, make and animate various effects, create his unique cartoon and many more! We recommend to start learning animation with Anime Studio and then pass to the more difficult program which is called After Effects.

Who are the classes suitable for?

For the lessons a child has to have a great command of PC, for example to know how to use web browser, open new tabs, download and install files on the computer, create and rename folders. He also should be familiar with a keyboard layout, know how to type, use the hotkeys and how to hold a mouse in the hand confidently.

Anime Studio classes are recommended for those who are older than 9 years old.

Before the classes start, you have to install the program on your computer.

Anime Studio

Creating cartoons using dot and skeleton animation

Mandatory modules (20-30 hours)
Introduction to

the Anime Studio Pro
In the first module, the student gets acquainted with simple animation and program features. By the end of the module, the student has mastered the skills to create a simple animation.

Main projects:
• Familiarization with the interface and tools • Drawing a simple background • Animation of a ball
Point animation in
Anime Studio Pro
The student gets acquainted in detail with the animation of points and continues to study additional tools of the program. The animation of natural elements is also analyzed in detail in the module. Additionally, the hidden features of the program are being studied.

Main projects:
• Layer Effects • Layer Animation • Fire Animation • Masks • Among us • Adventure Time
Complex scenes in

Anime Studio Pro
In module studies the creation of complex backgrounds for future cartoons. The student works with different types of landscapes and gets acquainted with the creation of transitions.

Main projects:
• Grouping of different backgrounds • Transparent background • Wooden house
Creating a cartoon
The work in the module is aimed at
creating the first cartoon, so the
principles of script writing and storyboarding are analyzed in detail. The focus of the module is on creating a full-fledged cartoon with the use of shadows, voice acting, and synchronization, a lot of characters.
Mechanics and physical

properties in Anime Studio
In the process of studying the module, the student gets acquainted with additional tools necessary for multi-level animation and continues to get acquainted with the types of layers in the program and their functions by the example of creating simple cartoons.

Main projects:
• Candy Rain • Bill Cipher • Text Animation • Equalizer • Waterfall • Shadows • Scripts
Skeletal animation in

Anime Studio Pro
In the module, in-depth work with characters takes place, adding bones and principles of bindings, and studying various types of character movement and behavior.

Main projects:
• Creating a bone character • Applying an action • Working with a character from Photoshop
Working with

the Anime Studio library
The Anime Studio program has a large library of ready-made characters, sounds, objects, scenes, etc.

Therefore, the module for working with the library is designed to study each block and how to use it in a project.
Motion design
In the module, the student begins to get acquainted with motion design. The module is designed for students who are proficient in the program and can realize their ideas not only in animation, but also in motion design, which is very popular today.
Basics of drawing

for animation
The module is designed to learn the basics of drawing and creating a character with accounting anatomy.
Additional modules (20-30 hours)
Examples of student’s projects.
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• Operating System: Windows 8/8.1/10 x64, Mac OS 10.12 or later;
• Processor: Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 or similar 2-core with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz (better 4-core);
• Installed Internet browser Google Chrome;
• RAM: 4 GB (recommended 8 GB);
• Any video card with at least 500 MB of video memory and with OpenGL support;
• Hard disk space: at least 4 GB of free hard disk space;
• Monitor resolution: 1024x768 (1280x800 or more recommended);
• Microphone or headset;
• Speakers;
• Internet connection from 1 Mbps.

System requirements For Anime Studio Lessons

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