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How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

As of 2022, there are more than 51 million YouTube channels registered, with 29 000 channels featuring more than 1 million subscribers. Today we are going to present to you a few steps on how to start a YouTube Channel for kids and how you can add to those 51 million channels and what skills you can apply to your YouTube channel to be a part of those 29 000 channels with 1 million or more subscribers.

Step 1

Determine what you want to create videos on

Find something you are interested in, know a lot about, and are good at. If the main focus of your channel can meet all three of these requirements, your probability of success will be much higher. But that does not mean that you won’t be successful if your main focus does not meet all three of these requirements. Make sure that your channel has one main focus, to keep your audience coming back for every video, as that will boost your views and subscriber count.

Gif by Emanuele Colombo

When we speak what we seek we’ll see what we’ve said.
Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection (TCC), Mignon Francois
Part of the first step of starting your YouTube channel is believing. Whatever your goals are for your YouTube channel, believe that you can reach them. Do not get discouraged if you are not seeing the progress you wanted. Just remember that all today’s big YouTubers, even PewDiePie who now has 111 million subscribers, started with 0 subscribers.

Step 2

Decide on a name for your YouTube channel

Having your channel’s content in the name of your channel is a good way to increase SOE (search engine optimisation). Having a keyword related to your channel’s content helps people find your channel more easily and know exactly what your channel is about. You can also use your own name as the name of your channel.

Step 3

Select your recording equipment for YouTube videos

Most YouTuber kids use digital cameras to record their videos, but there are also many who use their phones. This can help cut costs and with phone cameras being such high quality these days, videos recorded on most phones are suitable.
The cameras that the majority of YouTubers use can be found in the $500 - $1 000 range. Examples are the Sony RX100 and Canon G7 X.
If you are planning on screen recording your videos (recording the screen of your device and uploading that as your video), then there are plenty of screen recording software applications available – both free and paid. Bandicam, ShadowPlay and OBS Studio are some of the screen recording applications that are popular among YouTuber kids.

Step 4

Pick a video editing software

To upload good videos, you will need some kind of video editing software. You can use these applications to shorten your videos, remove unnecessary segments, add special effects and improve the overall quality of your video. Paid video editing applications include but are not limited to Shortcut, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X. Free options include but are not limited to HitFilm Express, Apple iMovie and Lightworks.

Step 5

Create an uploading schedule

It is recommended that YouTuber kids who are just starting out should upload 1-2 videos a week. The most important thing, however, is to pick a number and stick to it. Consistency is key to the growth of your channel. Through consistency, the YouTube algorithm adapts to your schedule and finds out the best days and times to put your videos forward. It also helps your viewers know when to prepare for your next upload.
It is also recommended that you film your video a week before the upload is scheduled to give yourself enough room for error. Once again, whatever routine you decide to go with, make sure you stick to.

Step 6

Set goals for the first month and year

Set realistic but ambitious goals that will challenge you to do things that you’ve never done before. Define and write the methods you will use to reach those goals. Track your progress along the way to see what is working and how you can improve your processes to help you reach your goals faster. Avoid setting goals that are unrealistically high otherwise you may get discouraged and slack off if you don’t reach them.

Step 7

Create your YouTube channel and just start

Most people get stuck in the planning stage of starting their YouTube channel, or are just too scared to start it in the first place. No YouTuber ever had everything figured out at the beginning. They all learnt as they went along. Not everything needs to be perfect. Do not let false excuses get in your way. You can accomplish so much more than you might know if you just start!
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
American author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Zigler
One of the most famous Swedish bloggers PewDiePie started YouTube when he was still in college. He started small, shooting Let’s Play segments featuring Minecraft and grew a decent following for his channel. The key is that he started.

Fortunately ITgenio has a few dedicated courses that can help you in your journey of starting a YouTube channel. These courses include our Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing course, After Effects and Illustrator.
In these courses you can learn how to use the same effects that PewDiePie uses and will even see that they are not that difficult to replicate! These effects include but are not limited to:
- Working with the ‘Motion’ section: moving, scaling, rotating and other actions when objects “fly” all over the video.
- Chroma key: combination of the “talking head” and the background. A great trick for YouTubers who like to shoot gaming videos.
- Adding text: work with font, colour, glow, etc., as well as its smooth appearance on the video.
- Music overlay: work with sound effects to create a special atmosphere.
We hope that this article clearly articulates how you can start your own YouTube channel. Would you or your child like to start a YouTube channel? Do your children already have a YouTube channel and want to enhance its quality? Then sign up for a free trial lesson for one of the above mentioned courses today!
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