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How to create a peaceful study environment for your child?
Does your child often get bored of learning? Or get distracted while studying?

These can be symptoms of learning in a study environment which is not peaceful for them.

Creating of peaceful study conditions can contribute to the educational journey of a child. This study environment not only includes the one at home but also the learning environment that the child’s school provides. If not carefully paid attention to, it could affect the child’s desire to learn for the next decade of their educational lives. Having a peaceful study environment begins at home.

Since we enjoy giving value to the parents of our students, we would like to give a few tips on how to create a peaceful study environment for your kids in your home.
  1. Quiet area
Several studies that have been conducted on this topic have shown that our brains process information quicker and more accurately without background noise present. A quiet room will help your child get more work done, and help them get their work done more efficiently.

2. Phone and TV-free environment

A lot of studies and surveys, including a few done by Harvard University, found that gadgets such as cellphones can hinder educational achievement. Having these gadgets hidden or locked away in another room can really help create a peaceful study environment.

3. Inspiring but not distracting

If you do opt to have decorations in your child’s study room, be sure to keep it simple in order to minimize distractions.

4. Clean

According to a study done by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, a clean and organized environment creates superior focus.

5. Sufficient light

A well lit up room will help your child see better concentrate well while studying. Dr. Betsy Mills is Senior Program Manager of Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention at the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, holding a PhD in neuroscience from John Hopkins University School of Medicine. She says that bright light exposure “activates regions of the brain that promote alertness, and improves cognitive performance.” She also wrote that light engages elements that “are essential for memory formation”, as well as elements essential for overall brain health.
One key takeaway is to allow for minimal possible interruptions or distractions. It is important to have a reasonably spacious room with an atmosphere that stimulates focus and learning. Try to create a relaxing space that allows your child to focus while relieving themselves of any kind of stress.

Because giving value to our students is one of our largest goals, from our side we have presented some ways that ITGenio creates a peaceful study environment for students while learning online.

  1. Easy to use online platform. Our school, ITGenio, is fully online. ITGenio’s online platform is structured in a manner that gets students highly involved in the learning process. Children join the classes, do their homework and earn “achievements” for which they receive additional bonuses. This not only helps them maximise their learning experience during these current pandemic times, but also helps them to get comfortable in any room in the house and still learn.
  2. Individual learning path. At ITGenio we set out individual learning paths and plans for each student at no extra cost. There is no curriculum that needs to be completed by a certain date, allowing our tutors to monitor and adjust the progress of each individual student. This lack of deadlines alleviates both students and teachers of pressure and allows them to focus on the overall development of the child. This is contrary to traditional schools, where the potential of quicker students might be held back and the potential of slower students might be sped up too much.
  3. ITgenio social communities. All our students have access to our social communities which are categorised by interests. Your child will be able to expand their skills, make new friends and gain confidence in communicating with peers. They can also learn directly from one another or even indirectly - through each other's projects uploaded on the forum.
  4. Friendly tutors. Our experienced and highly enthusiastic tutors are always friendly and welcoming towards students, making students feel positive towards studying and excited to learn.
  5. Flexible hours. ITgenio is a global school that has tutors and students all over the world. We have a 24 hour available schedule, making it convenient for you as you can book classes at times that best suit your child’s schedule.
  6. Project-based approach and Independent learning. Our classes are structured in a way that promotes self-reliance and makes students think for themselves by creating and completing their own projects. Of course, our tutors will step in when your child runs into problems that they need help with. This type of approach develops critical thinking, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills within children.

Data collected from various sources tells us that a peaceful learning environment improves the attention and focus of students, stimulates worthwhile learning experiences, supports higher levels of student performance, and encourages students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills.

Would you like your child to receive the benefits of a peaceful study environment? Why not try out a trial lesson for free? Just sign your child up for a class today, we will be happy to have you!
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