How can a hobby be turned into a future job?
Have you ever thought about how playing video games may help your child to become successful? Yes, passion for computer games can be a good basis for choosing a future profession for your child. Firstly, to come up with an original story and create game mechanics is much easier for a gamer who can't imagine his life without computer games. In addition to that, the gaming industry is developing every day, and this means that companies need new staff to join the ranks of specialists in the gaming world.

This means that your child's passion for Minecraft, Roblox or other computer games can be successfully transferred into a well paid job. Today we will tell you more about Minecraft Education Edition and Roblox studio.
Minecraft Education Edition is not just entertainment with a kid's favorite game, but real learning of programming from the very beginning. In our classes, children

  • create 3D models,
  • control their personal mod Agent,
  • work with artificial intelligence,
  • learn the basics of programming languages and mathematics and
  • just have fun!

The game form of education allows us to start teaching children programming in a fun and interesting way that helps to contribute to the development of their algorithmic and logical thinking, in addition to easily familiarizing students with the basics of programming.

The main focus of the course is studying of the basic algorithmic constructions which are used in most modern programming languages. This knowledge will be definitely useful in the future career of your child.

The duration of the Minecraft program is flexible and depends on the individual characteristics of the child. It will take approximately 30 to 40 hours to study this course at the basic level without additional topics. At the in-depth level with additional topics added to the program, it will take from 40 to 80 hours.
The other very popular game today is Roblox. It is also not just an actual video game but a huge platform consisting of thousands and thousands of different games available for anyone, and each of these games were created by someone… So it's possible for your own child to become fluent in coding and game design to the point that they create a new masterpiece that may become popular among a lot of people, and even help them to earn their first income! Our Roblox curriculum consists of several blocks:

Basics and composing a game with templates;
  • 3D-Design;
  • Coding;
  • Game creation practice;

And as the last block…

  • Creating their own game, ideated fully by the interests of your son or daughter!

The knowledge and skills your children will get from Roblox lessons will help them learn other programming languages or even design software with less effort compared to the learning without having such fundamentals that Roblox helps to build!

We offer you a free trial class where your child will be able to create his or her very first 3D-Game!

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