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Different school courses to help children to prepare for school and/or improve the school performance.
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Who are the online school classes suitable for?


These online school classes will be useful for all children from 8 years old, ranging from those who have difficulty with counting and distinguishing geometric shapes, to those who want to better understand trigonometric equations and logarithmic functions.
From grade 3 to 11, whether your kids are bored or feel that lessons at school are overwhelming, or want to learn more about math because they love it - our team of top-notch teachers will ensure that these online school classes meet their expectations, help your child love math more and increase their motivation for studying.
If needed, our experienced teachers will be able to adapt to any homeschool programs and learning needs of any child.


Since our tutors personalize all instruction and the program for each student, the level of chess playing skill is absolutely not important!
We combine learning and entertaining by presenting lessons in the form of a game. This provides an opportunity to learn the rules, strategies, gain practical experience and develop logical thinking and attention while playing and having fun.
We also have classes for experienced students and professional chess players, so regardless of your child's desires and goals, our classes will be a great way to reach their full potential!