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Top 5 movies about learning, teaching and understanding

Top 5 movies about learning, teaching and understanding

If you don't know what to talk about with your teenage child, watch one of these movies together tonight. You'll see, you'll have something to talk about later!
Coach Carter (2005)

This is a story not just about a smart coach, but a real teacher who not only wanted to raise a good basketball team, but strong individuals. Thanks to him, these young men were able to create a life for themselves that was better than they expected.
Good Will Hunting (1997)

No matter how smart and talented you are, as you grow up you are plagued by many contradictions, questions, and doubts while you are trying to find your place and purpose in this world. It's therefore good if in this storm of emotions you meet a friend and a mentor who can help you sort it all out and understand yourself and others better.
Gifted (2017)

A very touching and interesting film about family relationships, childhood and kindness.
The main question the film asks is what kind of childhood genius children should have: an ordinary one, or the earlier they develop themselves "for the good of humanity" the better it will be for them?
Front of the class (2008)

This is an inspiring movie, based on a real-life story that proves nothing can stop us from making our dreams come true. Believe in yourself no matter what and go for your dream!
Like Stars on Earth (2007)

This movie is great for the parents and tutors. It shows us how important it is to pay close attention to children and their needs. Every child embodies potential, it is simply a matter of how to uncover it.
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