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Playing Chess Online

Playing Chess Online

Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, Leonardo di Caprio, Princess Diana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. These are just a few of the names of great people who are/were avid players of chess.

Chess is a strategic two player skill, played on a chequered board where each playing piece is moved according to specific rules. The objective is to put the opponent’s king in a position that is impossible to escape from – a checkmate.

Playing chess online simply means that one is playing chess on a computer either against a computer programmed opponent, or against another human opponent also playing on their computer somewhere else in the world.

Various studies have statistically proven that playing chess raises a student’s IQ score. A Venezuelan study involving 4,000 second grade students found a significant increase in their IQ scores after only 4.5 months of systematically studying chess.

What are Some Other Advantages for Children in Playing Chess Online?

  1. Most convenient form of playing chess is playing chess online because it can be played at any time, from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a computer or laptop and an internet connection. It is also cheaper than joining clubs and attending tournaments, especially international tournaments that require one to travel.
  2. Develops and improves competitiveness – chess online gives children a variety of opponents allowing them to match themselves up against players that are weaker, stronger or on the same level as them. They are also spoiled for choice with opponents from all over the world, leading them to learn interesting international strategies.
  3. Meeting diverse players – chess online is a gateway to meeting millions of chess players from all around the world. As mentioned in the previous point, this can give a chance to learn foreign chess strategies and use them to better their own skills. Your child can even join online forums and communities where he or she can communicate with other players and grandmasters! We also have our Chess community at ITgenio which can be joined by your child.
  4. Thorough feedback helps further improve the skills – most online chess platforms come standard with feedback in the form of statistics, with others like ITgenio school even giving you access to tutors who analyse your child's gameplay in depth and give him or her real time advice on how to improve. This helps children to understand chess better and why certain moves should be made. It can also show your child how to use great chess strategies to benefit him or her in real life situations.
  5. Learning chess online can prepare students to teach chess online – teaching chess online can be a profitable career, especially for grandmasters. It is widely known in the chess community that tournaments do not pay as much tutoring chess does. It could also be an interesting side hustle to take up while preparing you for your true career. Here is an interesting video on how one Twitch Streamer makes a living playing chess online: How I Make A Living Playing Chess On Twitch - YouTube

There are very few disadvantages to playing chess online such as screen time damaging eyesight, getting addicted and meeting the wrong people online. All these can be avoided by having parental guidance or students themselves being responsible.

Learning chess online and not just playing it can help students learn proper strategies that help them make informed decisions in difficult situations instead of just freestyling. Does all of this sound interesting to you? Sign up today for a free chess trial class and be a part of our online chess community!
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