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Video Editing courses
for children and teenagers
Learning to work in Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is a non-linear video editing program that allows to process video.

At ITgenio we teach children the basics of video editing, the program's interface and basic tools in the Video Editing classes. We teach the use of video effects, filters, how to work with sound, text, apply transitions.

After our online video editing course, a child will be able to create a video sequence, apply interesting transitions, dub the video, add captions to videos, create and animate various effects, and much more!
Who can engage in Video Editing classes?
To start learning, a student must have good user skills: be able to use browser, open new tabs, download and install files on a PC or laptop, create / rename folders, know the keyboard layout well, type, use hotkeys, and use mouse confidently.

The minimum age for Video Editing courses is 10 years old.

What do we teach in Premiere Pro classes?

Elementary level

1.1 Acquaintance with the program, study of the interface, tools, the basic principle of linear editing, video export. Creation of the first video.

1.2 Adding simple effects to video, changing their parameters in the Effect controls panel.

1.3 Layer blending modes, basic color correction, video stabilization.

1.4 Working with text, the basics of keyframes animation, the effect of a typewriter.

1.5 Change video speed, rain effect, create animated logo.

1.6 Creative task to consolidate the material at the basic level.

Intermediate level

2.1 In-depth work with keyframes. Animation graph, file types, sequences, anchor points.

2.2 Working with masks. Types and methods of applying masks to various effects. Mask tracking.

2.3 Creative task to consolidate the material on the topic: "Masks".

2.4 Working with sound. Voice recording, cartoon voice acting, application of audio effects.

2.5 Color correction. Color change, Lumetrycolor capabilities, application of presets.

2.6 Types of video splices. Working with subtitles. Adding and using presets to create video transitions.

2.7 Features of the legacy title, creating animated intro using shapes.

2.8 Editing the stream of the game for the Youtube channel. Capture the screen, create a simple intro, add memes, effects, videos on a green background.

2.9 Creation of complex effects. Glitch effect, Tilt-shift effect, handwriting, VHS effect, etc.

2.10 Repetition of the covered material on the example of creating an animated Discovery logo.

Advanced level

3.1 Neon effect creation.

3.2 Technique for creating various transitions using standard effects.

3.3 Three ways to replace the sky with video.

3.4 In-depth work on video processing, shot against a green background.

3.5 Application of the studied material in complex projects: “Path on the map”, “Cheat views”, “Split-screen effect”, “Mosaic effect”.

3.6 Final creative task.

Examples of our students projects

System requirements

• Operating System: Windows 10 x64, Mac OS 10.13 or later;
• Processor: Intel® 6th generation Intel processor or newer - or similar AMD, with a clock speed of at least 2 GHz, preferably 4, 6-core;
• Installed Internet browser Google Chrome;
• RAM: 8 GB (recommended 16 or 32 GB);
• Video card with support for DirectX 12 and 2 GB of video memory (GPU with support for DirectX 12 and 4 GB of video memory or more GPU is recommended);
• Hard disk space: at least 20 GB of free hard disk space;
• Sound Card: With ASIO or Microsoft Windows Driver Model support Screen Resolution: Minimum 1280x800 (Recommended 1920x1080 or higher monitor resolution);
• Microphone or headset;
• Speakers;
• Internet connection from 1 Mbps.
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