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Vector graphics
in Illustrator classes

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector graphics editor.

It offers multiple features:
  • Creation of logos, signs, and other elements of corporate identity.
  • Preparing layouts for printing.
  • Designing icons and interface for apps.
  • Creating and editing vector images.
Who are the classes suitable for?
The student must have good computer skills. He or she must be able to use a browser, open new tabs, download and install files on a computer, create and rename folders, know the keyboard layout well, type, use hotkeys, and confidently control the mouse.
We recommend these classes for children over 10 years old.

The program needs to be installed on your computer to start learning.

What will the child learn in these classes?
In Illustrator lessons, children learn the principles of working in a vector editor and its logic. Vector graphics are new graphics that many students have never met before, and our course is a great way to make friends with them.

During the study, the student learns how to find the fastest and most efficient ways to achieve their goals.
In addition to understanding the program, he learns the basic concepts necessary for design activities: the basic theory of color, composition, working with fonts and shapes.

As a result of the lessons, the child will be able to create their own icons and logos, design websites, applications and games, make their own layouts for printing, draw in the flat style, create their own sticker packs and much more.
What do we teach in Illustrator classes?
Scroll through the galleries with examples of works.
0. Basics
  • Creating our first drawing using basic vector elements
  • Drawing a character using light and shadow
  • Blend tool
  • Clipping mask
  • Difference between Brush and Blob Brush tools
  • Creates a noisy texture
  • Tracing
1. Creating vector images
  • Flat dog
  • Optical illusion
  • Bigfoot
  • Abstract waves
  • Gradient background
  • Flat landscape
  • Nine-tailed fox
  • Juicy mango
2. Logos and icons design
  • Logotype
  • Polygonal logo
  • Cloud Icon
  • Space Icon
3. Styles and imitation
  • Low-poly effect
  • Sticker effect
  • Imitation of a paper illustration
  • 3D figure
  • Isometry
4. Working with text
  • Fluffy text
  • Retro text
  • Type composition
  • Neon text
  • Lettering with the Blend tool
  • 4D text
What our students designed
Scroll through the gallery with examples of works.
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