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Programming in GameMaker
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What is Game Maker?

GameMaker is one of the most popular game engines, which allows it to design applications for a variety of platforms. You can create either simple 2D games or advanced games that can become popular not only among your friends, but other gamers.GameMaker is a great option to move from Scratch to Python or JavaScript.

What can a child learn?

In addition to programming skills that are acquired while working with GameMaker, a child will also work with graphics, dialogues and make up the plot of the game (characters and their stories).

In GameMaker there are two types of programming: Drag&Drop and coding(on your own) in the language of GameMaker.
Drag&Drop is a choice of those who worked with Scratch, whereas a code written on your own is good for those who worked or wish to work with Python or JavaScript.
GameMaker programming will be interesting for those who perfectly learnt Scratch,but don’t have enough skills for programming in Python or JavaScript.

GameMaker is for children from 10 years old.

During the training children will create games.
Every lesson the student is supervised by the coach and it gives an opportunity to create the project, learn the basics of programming and improve skills.
During the course of creating games, your child will get an experience working with GameMaker and also will learn the programming language.
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