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Python: Flask

Web-coding in Python: Flask for children

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Flask Web Programming Classes

Flask is a microframework written for Python allowing to create a full-fledged web-site.
You can work with anything you want: RESTful API, working with databases, using Bootstrap and many other things.

What does it take to start?

Good knowledge of the Python language basis. In addition to this, it is desirable for a child to be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but it’s not necessary

Advisable age for learning is from 12 years old.

What can a child learn?

  • To work with a command line;
  • To create and work with virtual environment through VENV;
  • To adapt a workflow routing and set some patterns;
  • To test programs and interwork with errors;
  • To learn the template processing engine Jinja;
  • Interact with forms ;
  • To make Bootstrap available and use its potential;
  • To create a proper application architecture;
  • To work with cookies and sessions;
  • To connect databases and cooperate with them;
  • To manipulate files for
  • information processing

Why is it worth learning Flask?

Flask has become popular among Python enthusiasts. As of October 2020 it’s the second-largest star on GitHub among frameworks written in Python, only slightly giving way to Django. It was also considered the most popular framework according to the survey of Python 2018 developers.

Flask is a microframework for web development. Micro means that it’s very simple. There are no any pre-install external libraries and tools.

In two minutes it’s possible to write a web-site with minimal knowledge. This is a framework therefore there is not going to be much unnecessary info and it won’t be too complicated.

For the first one-page web-site it’s enough to write 5 code lines.

Future prospects:

  • To implement logging;
  • To use EMAIL;
  • To apply localization;
  • To create RESTful API;
  • To adapt interaction between Ajax and API;
  • To manage background threads;
  • To deploy a web application on a working server.
Nowadays writing in Flask is gaining its popularity. Some famous companies like Netflix, Lyft, Reddit, Zillow, MailGun already use Flask.

At this course your child will get all the necessary knowledge to move forward in this direction.
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