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Animation in Anime Studio
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Anime Studio Pro/Moho – it’s a professional program for animation creating and visual effects. On our Anime Studio classes in Itgenio we are showing kids the animation creating basis, the program’s interface and basic instruments. We are teaching them how to use visual effects, filters, how to work with sound, text, how to add transitions and create 2D animation.

After classes a kid will be able to create a video sequence, do enjoyable transitions and a voice-over, add a video caption, make and animate various effects, create his unique cartoon and many more! We recommend to start learning animation with Anime Studio and then pass to the more difficult program which is called After Effects.

Who are the classes suitable for?

For the lessons a child has to have a great command of PC, for example to know how to use web browser, open new tabs, download and install files on the computer, create and rename folders. He also should be familiar with a keyboard layout, know how to type, use the hotkeys and how to hold a mouse in the hand confidently.

Anime Studio classes are recommended for those who are older than 10 years old.

Before the classes start, you have to install the program on your computer.
What topic do kids study on the Anime Studio classes?

Each project is divided on the levels of complexity. You can find the main topics down below. Every project includes the practicing of several topics.

1-st level of animation studies.
  • Acquaintance with the world of Anime Studio Pro.
  • Starting from the very beginning, a student learns the interface and basic instruments.
  • Creating of the 1-st frame by frame animation, working with key frames.
  • Acquaintance with layer effects and layer animation.
  • Studying of the 12 animation principals. Creating of a mini-animation based on the lessons learned.
2-nd level of animation studies:
  • The more detailed practice of the learned instruments. Creating of the outline animation.
  • Acquaintance with masks.
  • New type of layer learning: the switch layer. We learn how to record your voice via program. Lipsing.
  • Working with music.
3-rd level of animation studies:
  • Project characteristics study.
  • Acquaintance with bones. Detailed learning of the bone group instruments.
  • Creating and animation of a bone character.
  • Acquaintance with 3D in Anime Studio Pro. Layer characteristics study.
  • Acquaintance with actions.
  • Working with particles.
Examples of student’s projects.
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