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Junior programmer
start you learning path in IT
Development of logical and algometric thinking among the youngest students.
#from 5 years
Our tutors make the program for each child individually keeping in mind his or her interests, goals and programming experience.
6 reasons to start your child’s IT education with Junior programmer
Personalized way of teaching
We have our special way of delivering the material for the children at such a young age: the learning feels like a fun game for them. The students travel to the IT world with the school virtual friends ITgenik and Itisha.
For better understanding the basic coding our tutors developed 3 learning modules. Depending on the level of programming experience children will play in logical games and may learn how to work in 3 different programs: ScratchJr, Scratch and Minecraft.
Our tutors know how to find the right approach for the communication with the children and deliver information in a friendly and supportive way.
Engagement in learning process
Adaptive learning format
Friendly Environment
Our tutors always keep an eye on the progress of all the students. After each class you can find their feedback in your parent’s account.
Control of the progress
You can sign up your child for the classes, reschedule or cancel them via your personal account.
Convenient schedule
How does the lesson go?
The student communicates with a tutor via his personal account and share his or her screen
The tutor gives an individual task to the child depending on the programming experience
The child work on the task and the tutor monitors the progress
At the end of the class the tutor together with the student come up with the conclusions and the child gets homework to do
After the lesson at any time the student can log in in his personal account and recap the previous topics
After each class the parents get the detailed feedback from the tutors about how the lesson was and the progress of the child
Learn how to work on the computer

Your child will get the skill of how to use the computer through the GCompris program.
Develop logical and creative skills

During this course children make linear and cyclical algorithms and work in graphic editor programs and can even play games and cartoons which helps to develop logical and creative thinking.
Get a basic coding experience

The course “Scratch Junior” is very simple and easy to understand by children from 5 years old. The students can learn how to work in 3 different programming environments: ScratchJr, Scratch and Minecraft.

Benefits of the classes
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Course Program
training in English and Russian
Computer Literacy
The children will get the knowledge what computer and Internet are, will learn how to type and use the mouse (suitable for those who don’t know how to read)
Scratch Junior is a basic programming language which looks like LEGO. Scripts are collected from multicolored bricks – which are called blocks. This program let the children make cartoons and games (suitable for those who don’t know how to read)
Minecraft Junior (Turtle)
During the programming Minecraft Junior course, the children learn how to code the virtual turtle to make different commands.
An access to our platform where children all over the world study online
The permanent access to the course, all learning materials and possibility to participate in Hackathons
Certificate after completing the course
What student will get