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Computer literacy

How to work on computer, use office applications
Our computer literacy course combine theoretical information with practical skills that are presented in a simple way, even for those who are getting acquainted with a computer for the first time. Through this class you can learn how to work on the computer and acquire new skills of working with basic programs and the Internet.

Classes on “Computer literacy” are suitable for:
  • the beginners (if you’ve never worked on computer)
  • those who want to improve computer skills in office applications

Extra computer skills for the beginners are not required.

The course includes the following topics:
  • Mouse and touchpad: copy and highlight
  • Computer terms: screenshot, file extension and etc.
  • Browser: address bar, a new tab, a bookmark, search, Incognito mode.
  • Computer keyboard and notebook
  • Taskbar
  • Task Manager
  • Folders and files (name, file path, creating etc.)
  • Create and extract archives
  • How to work with the email (to create an account on different sources, sending email letters, files)
  • Graphic editing program: Paint
  • Graphic editing program: Paint 3D
  • Basics of Microsoft Word
  • Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Cloud platform: document storage, access settings
  • Google-slides
  • Google-forms
  • Google-sites
  • Google-sheets
  • Google-docs
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