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Winter Hackathon at Itgenio (Hackathon - January 16-29)

Create a real project online in a united team
Last day of registration - January 13
What is a Hackathon?
Your child will work on a real project in a group of developers of the same age! This is a great opportunity to upgrade both hard and soft skills.
Theory is good, but practice is even better! By participating in the Hackathon, the children will receive the necessary skills and knowledge required for high-quality development in programming.
All teams will have their own captain/leader, whose role is to support, assist and coordinate the project, just like in a real IT company!
Each participant will receive a certificate and a commemorative prize.
A Hackathon is an event where participants partake in quick and collective problem solving over a short period of time such as 24 or 48 hours. It usually involves problem solving or innovating in relation to computer programming and/or software development but can also involve related topics such as graphic design and user interface design.
For Itgenio students
January 16-29, 2023
How much is it?
The cost of the Hackathon depends on the balance in your personal account. Participation will be charged as follows:
  • 2 lessons will be taken if you have 2-hour individual-group (1:6 students) format lessons on your balance.
  • 3 lessons will be taken if you have 1-hour individual-group (1:6 students) format lessons on your balance.
  • 2 lessons will be taken if you have 1-hour individual (one-on-one) format lessons on your balance.
  • 6 lessons will be taken if you have 1-hour group format (many students) lessons on your balance.
When registering, you will have a link to a list of all participating teams. You can choose a team on your own in the parent's personal account or ask ITgenik for help.

For communication and phone calls, each team will have its own chat room on our platform - do not forget to regularly visit the student's personal account on the following dates:

  1. From the 13th to the 15th of January, you must go to the student's personal account and check the call schedule. Look for group lessons marked “Hackathon”.
  2. On the 16th of January, you will have a mandatory general call with the team, at which the project topic and work plan will be approved, and roles will be distributed.
  3. It is also obligatory to subscribe to the HACKATON community.
Register right now
from the parent's personal account
Examples of projects from the past Hackathon
This can be done from the student's personal account.
Subscribe to the "Hackathon" community - there will be a lot of interesting things!