Tutor vacancy at ITGENIO
In programming, computer graphics,
mathematics, languages and etc.

Full-time work / Part-time work | Flexible hours | up to $1000
ITGENIO is an online school for children and teenagers from 5 to 18 years old!

We teach programming, computer graphics, mathematics,

3D modelling and much more!

250+ employees
managers, trainers, developers, recruiters, etc.
from different countries
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,
Poland, Spain, etc.
since 2016
and always remotely
Who are we looking for?
Who wants to work in IT, but doesn't have enough experience or knowledge of it. You can develop professionally and have a lot of fun working with children!
Who want motivated children and don't like school bureaucracy. We really value experienced and active teachers. You have the opportunity to develop your professional skills and work with pleasure!
Programmers and designers who want to share their knowledge with the younger generation.
What courses do we teach?
We have over 40 different learning areas.
You can teach one or more.

For all of them, we have materials to help you teach.

Programming and game engines
Each programming language comes as a separate area:
Scratch, Python, HTML+CSS, JavaScript, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Minecraft, Roblox, AppInventor, GameMaker, Unity.
Computer graphics and design
We have the following areas: Photoshop, Illustrator, video editing in Premiere Pro, motion design in After Effects, animation in Anime Studio, Figma and Tilda, drawing in Procreate.
3D modelling in Tinkercad, Sculptris and Blender.
Early Childhood Development (5-7 years old)
We teach: Scratch Junior, Mental Arithmetic, Computer Literacy.
School subjects
Mathematics, physics, chemistry, preparation for the USE and GCSE in computer science.
Russian lessons for native speakers and foreigners and English language classes.
We also have classes in chess, information security and making music in FLStudio.
What do we expect from the candidate?
  • Communicativeness: You are not uptight and can communicate on any topic with adults and children
  • Ready to teach something from our areas. If you want to teach something we don't have yet - write to us, you may be able to open up a new area.
  • Teaching experience (or lots of experience with children)
  • Patience and love for children
  • Openness to new knowledge and a desire to self-development
  • Willingness to work 20 hours a week or more
  • Powerful computer/laptop and excellent internet connection

Children can be tutored in languages beyond Russian, so knowledge of foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Hebrew) is welcome.
Why is it great to work at ITGENIO?
Remote work
You don't need to commute to an office, you can work wherever it is convenient for you.
Motivated pupils whose achievements you are very proud of.
Flexible schedule
You are not busy for 8 hours a day. You have enough free time for personal matters.
Training in our teaching methodology. A convenient format that you will adore :)
No paperwork
Large database of materials
You don't need to spend a lot of time preparing for classes and reinventing the wheel.
Space for creativity
You can come up with interesting projects for the children yourself and get extra bonuses and rewards for each one.
We are open to all kinds of suggestions
You can influence various work processes in the company, for example, by opening up new areas of work.
Frequently asked Questions
or "I want to know the details!"
How are the lessons going?
Classes are held online: via skype or through our platform.
During the lesson, the child turns on the screen for you, i.e. you always see what is happening on the screen of the student, what he is doing. Communicate with him, give tasks, help. In general, the workflow :)
How long is the lesson?
The lesson lasts 2 hours.
But it is better for the coach to allocate 3 free hours in order to tune in for a lesson in half an hour, and then rest and not run anywhere :)
What is the work schedule?
We have a flexible work schedule. You say what time you are free, and the schedule is set according to your possibilities. Our administrators will help you and tell you about the current time of classes, based on requests from students. Classes are held at different times, even early in the morning, even at night). Children from different countries (Russian-speaking), all time zones are involved.
You can also choose the number of lessons per day/week, but it's great when the coach conducts at least 5-6 lessons per week.
You are given a constant schedule so that you have the same schedule every week, and you do not have to change the time of classes for the students.
What language are the classes in?
Most of our students speak Russian, and, accordingly, classes are held in it.
If you have good spoken English (Upper-Intermediate and above) or another foreign language, you can teach classes other than Russian-speaking children.
It's a great experience with a native speaker, and you get paid for it too! :)
Do I need to figure out what to give my child?
No, you don't need to come up with tasks. We have materials: video lessons and presentations that you give your child as assignments. Those. you don't need to reinvent the wheel)
But you can participate in the creation of new materials, improve the existing ones, and implement your ideas!
How is salary calculated and paid?
Payment is calculated for each lesson. The more classes you teach, the more you pay per month. There is a surcharge for classes at night and in a foreign language.
You also get paid for creating materials and bonuses for success, good work and activity.
The salary is paid once a month.
How can you communicate with other coaches and the team?
We constantly communicate 24/7 with the whole team in Slack (corporate chat). All of Itgenio's employees are there.
You can write to any trainer/administrator in PM or communicate in general chats.
We discuss everyday events, analyze situations, joke, throw off gags from classes, vote for innovations, arrange brainstorms and make plans.
We also go to corporate parties once a month: we play board games, participate in sports and entertainment events and get to know each other live :)
Where is your office located?
All our employees work remotely, so there is no office where you need to come :)
In general, we are located in Minsk, Belarus. But we also employ coaches from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.
Will there be some kind of training?
Yes, for the first 2 months you will be assisted by your personal mentor (more experienced coach), to whom you can ask all the uncomfortable questions.
We also have a lot of instructions, where solutions to almost all problems are described in detail)
What do you need to do to get into the team?
Leave a request below or immediately write to us in messengers or social. Networks about yourself. Our manager will answer all your questions and send you a test task.
If you successfully cope with it, you will need to pass an interview with our HR manager.
If all goes well, then you will start your traineeship.
I want to become a coach!
Fill in the data about yourself, and we will contact you
Write to us:
Telegram: @hr_itgenio_bot
E-mail: job@itgen.io