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How to set up my personal account?
Why do I need two personal accounts?
  • In a parent's account
    you can choose a convenient schedule for the student, control his progress, read the reviews of the tutor and communicate with them through our chat, top up the balance and add new students to your family
  • In a student's account
    the lessons are held there via our Video Chat. The student can see his homework and projects from lessons. Also, there is a list of tests the student should complete to start more complicated courses
Parent's account activation and login
Step 1
After filling in student's details you need to create a password for your account. If ITgenik registers you, he will send you activation link

Step 2
Your login is your email address. You need to set up the password by yourself. It is very important to remember the login and password or write them down because you will need to use the account for the learning processes.

Step 3
Well done! Now you are in your account. On the main page, you can see your balance and conditions of the referral system in which you can participate. Please note role "Parent" in the upper right corner. It means that you are in parent's account not in the student's one (we have already considered the difference in accounts).

Now you can sign up the student for a trial lesson by yourself or ask ITgenik to do it

Student's account activation and login
Step 1
Activation of the student's account is available only after you or ITgenik sign the student up for a trial lesson.

If you signed the student up by yourself, you will see a button Set username and password on the Lesson confirmation page.
If the student was signed up by ITgenik, or you closed the page, you can get to it by clicking on the Prepare for the lesson button on the main page in your account.

So, after clicking Set username and password you will get to the Student's account activation page. The username is already set, but you can change it. You need to set the password yourself. Then click on Save. Hooray! The student's account is activated now.
Step 2
Next, you will get to the Access to the student's account page. There are 2 tips on it: how to add a student to the account switching list and how to log in to the student's account with another device. Be sure to check them out.

If you have activated the student's account with a mobile device, please log in to the student's account with a computer before the lesson.
Step 3
But how can you quickly switch between the accounts? There is a drop-down list in the upper right corner, where you can see name, surname and roles "Parent", "Student". You can quickly switch to another account by clicking on the name and surname in the list.

Voila! Now you have set up both accounts.

Maybe you still have any questions?

Maybe you still have any questions? I prepared FAQs list for you. But if there is no answer to your question please contact ITgenik. Our team will be happy to help you!