Client Manager vacancy
Full-time work | Flexible hours | up to $600
ITGENIO is an online school for children and teenagers from 5 to 18 years old!

We teach programming, computer graphics, mathematics,

3D modelling and much more!

250+ employees
managers, trainers, developers, recruiters, etc.
from different countries
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,
Poland, Spain, etc.
since 2016
and always remotely
We are looking for someone who will:
  • Communicate politely and competently with new and current clients
  • Advise clients on all training issues
  • Resolve disputes
  • Manage the training schedule
You are the right person for us if:
  • You are sociable and easy-going person
  • You are not afraid of handling telephone calls
  • You can type fast on the keyboard
  • You surf the Internet a lot in social networks and messengers.
  • You are literate person and speak intelligently
  • You know at least a little bit about programming: you know the basic terms and can distinguish between Java and JavaScript, or you are simply interested in IT
  • You are open to new knowledge and have a great desire to develop yourself
  • You are willing to work at least 30 hours per week
  • You are a responsible quick learner
  • Your English level is Upper-Intermediate and higher.
Why is it great to be a client manager at ITGENIO?
Remote work
You don't need to commute to an office, you can work wherever it is convenient for you.
You do a good job
Support trainers, teens and their parents in making learning at our school as effective and enjoyable as it possible.
Flexible schedule
You are not busy for 8 hours a day. You have enough free time for personal matters.
We are always there to help, to tell you and teach you things you don't know.
No paperwork
We are open to all suggestions
You can influence different work processes in the company, implement your own ideas.
Frequently asked Questions
or "I want to know the details!"
What do we have to do?
The work of the administrator is communicating with new and current clients (parents, children), advising them, closing objections, scheduling classes, etc. You will communicate a lot with parents from different countries, delve into their problems and requests. Correspondences go in messengers and social. Networks, so you will need to have a good command of a computer, be able to type quickly, and use hotkeys. You can work only from a computer (laptop), a tablet or phone will not work. For competent counseling, you will also need to improve your knowledge of programming, computer graphics, and teaching.
How many hours do you need to work? What's the schedule?
5 hours a day 6 days a week. There is a possibility of a night schedule. The exact clock is under discussion. Each administrator has his own schedule. Admins work in shifts. The schedule for which we are now looking for a person is indicated above :)
How is salary calculated and paid?
Payment is hourly. During work, you turn on a program that counts the hours of work. At the end of the month, we multiply the resulting number by the rate. Also, after the trial period, bonuses are added. The salary is paid once a month.
Can I combine with other work?
Unfortunately not, it will be very difficult. The work is intense and requires a lot of energy.
In addition to direct communication with clients, you need to improve your programming knowledge, i.e. Sign up to our coaches for classes and learn :)
We want the person to be completely immersed in our processes and not be distracted. It is better to devote free time to rest, hobbies and family :)
What language do you need to communicate?
Most of our students and parents speak Russian, and accordingly, you need to communicate in it. But there are also English-speaking clients. It will be a big advantage if you have good spoken English (Upper-Intermediate and above).
It's a great experience with a native speaker, and you get paid for it too! :)
How can you communicate with other admins and the team?
The work of the administrator is team-based, so you are always in touch with your colleagues.
We constantly communicate 24/7 with the whole team in Slack (corporate chat). All of Itgenio's employees are there.
You can write to any trainer/administrator in PM or communicate in general chats.
We discuss everyday events, analyze situations, joke, throw off gags from classes, vote for innovations, arrange brainstorms and make plans.
We also go to corporate parties once a month: we play board games, participate in sports and entertainment events and get to know each other live :)
Where is your office located?
All our employees work remotely, so there is no office where you need to come :)
In general, we are located in Minsk, Belarus.
But we also have employees from Russia, Ukraine, and Europe.
Will there be some kind of training?
Yes, we will show and teach everything that needs to be done. The training will take about two weeks. A more experienced administrator will work with you, to whom you can ask all the inconvenient questions. We also have a lot of instructions, where solutions to almost all problems are described in detail :)
You just have to absorb the information as quickly as possible.
What do you need to do to get into the team?
Leave your application below. Our manager will contact you, answer all your questions and send you a test task. Next, you will need to pass an interview with our HR manager. If all goes well, then you will start your traineeship.
I want to become a manager!
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