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Client Manager vacancy
Full-time work | Flexible hours | up to $600
ITGENIO is an online school for children and teenagers from 5 to 18 years old!

We teach programming, computer graphics, mathematics,

3D modelling and much more!

250+ employees
managers, trainers, developers, recruiters, etc.
from different countries
Belarus, Russia, Ukraine,
Poland, Spain, etc.
since 2016
and always remotely
We are looking for someone who will:
  • Communicate politely and competently with new and current clients
  • Advise clients on all training issues
  • Resolve disputes
  • Manage the training schedule
You are the right person for us if:
  • You are sociable and easy-going person
  • You are not afraid of handling telephone calls
  • You can type fast on the keyboard
  • You surf the Internet a lot in social networks and messengers.
  • You are literate person and speak intelligently
  • You know at least a little bit about programming: you know the basic terms and can distinguish between Java and JavaScript, or you are simply interested in IT
  • You are open to new knowledge and have a great desire to develop yourself
  • You are willing to work at least 30 hours per week
  • You are a responsible quick learner
  • Your English level is Upper-Intermediate and higher.
Why is it great to be a client manager at ITGENIO?
  • Remote work
    You don't need to commute to an office, you can work wherever it is convenient for you.
  • You do a good job
    Support trainers, teens and their parents in making learning at our school as effective and enjoyable as it possible.
  • Flexible schedule
    You are not busy for 8 hours a day. You have enough free time for personal matters.
  • Support
    We are always there to help, to tell you and teach you things you don't know.
  • No paperwork
  • We are open to all suggestions
    You can influence different work processes in the company, implement your own ideas.
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Write to us:
E-mail: [email protected]
Viber: +37529 7454510
Telegram: @hr_itgenio_bot