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How to Make Avatar Clothes on Roblox

How to Make Avatar Clothes on Roblox

Roblox is more than just a game. It's a world brimming with imagination. And one of the coolest things in this world is the power to make and personalize your own avatars. But guess what? It's not only about showing off your style. Kids can also turn their creativity into something even more amazing: real earnings! That's right. They can learn to design avatar clothes and even make real money from their creations, all while having a great time.

In this guide, we'll reveal the secrets of making avatar clothes in Roblox, step by step. We'll also explore different types of clothing and discover how kids can make money from it all.

Before we get into the detailed steps, let's quickly go through everything we'll cover:

1. Setting up your Roblox account and getting Robux
2. Accessing the "Create a Shirt" interface
3. Choosing between a standard shirt or a trendy T-Shirt
4. Downloading the shirt template
5. Adding your improved design to Roblox
6. Getting shirt approved
7. Seeing your unique shirt in action in real time

How to Make Clothes in Roblox (Full Guide) video below!

1. Setting up Your Roblox Account and obtain Robux

To get started with Roblox, the first step is to create an account if you don't already have one. Simply head over to the official Roblox website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Follow the prompts to set up your account, and remember to choose a unique username that you like and create a strong password to keep your account secure.
Once you're in, you'll encounter the concept of Robux, which is the virtual currency in Roblox. Robux enables you to purchase a wide range of items for your avatar and for use within games. You can acquire Robux by purchasing them with real money or by earning them through gameplay on the Roblox platform. If you decide to buy Robux, you can do so through the "Robux" section on the website, where you'll find different packages available for purchase. Alternatively, you can also earn Robux by actively participating in games and being an active member of the Roblox community. It's essential to keep track of your Robux balance, as it's the key to unlocking various opportunities within the platform.

If you're new, you don't need a lot of Robux to begin. Around 10 Robux is a good starting point, especially if you want to upload content to servers.

With your Roblox account and some Robux ready, let's dive into personalizing your avatar and creating stuff. Log in and find the "Avatar" section on the left.
This is where you can customize your avatar's look and use the "Create" template to design your own files. Whether it's giving your avatar a unique style or crafting in-game items, the "Create" template is your gateway to creativity within the Roblox universe. Enjoy and have fun experimenting.

2. Accessing the "Create a Shirt" Interface

Next, go ahead and select "Clothing" from the top menu, and then choose "Shirts." This is where we'll find the template we need. On the right side, you'll see a button labeled "Create." Simply click on it, and this will prompt the option to "Create a Shirt" to appear.

3. Choosing between a standard shirt or a trendy T-Shirt

Before we proceed, let's explore the various shirt options available. In Roblox, you have a choice between two types:

  • T-Shirts: These can feature an image along with a solid color background. However, this design option has limitations, which might restrict the creative possibilities for kids.

  • Standard Shirts: On the other hand, standard shirts provide creators with much greater flexibility. You can freely experiment with designs, logos, and colors. This type of shirt tends to be more popular among those looking to purchase clothing within the Roblox platform.

4. Downloading the shirt template

Returning to the "Create a Shirt" screen, you'll notice a message that reads, "Do you see the template? If not, download it here." Click on the "download it here" link, and you'll be presented with the Roblox shirt template, as depicted below.

At first glance, this template might seem a bit overwhelming, so let's break it down step by step.
The various colors like green, red, yellow, orange, and blue each correspond to different parts of the Roblox character's body. For instance, the red indicates the front of the torso, "up" refers to the top of the shoulder region, while left and right indicate the inside portions of the torso, and back signifies the back area. The bottom pertains to the unseen lower portion, visible mainly when the Roblox character moves.

The lower half of the template displays additional T-shapes for both the right and left arms, and once again, the color scheme remains consistent – red indicating the front, and so forth.

To obtain and modify the template, you can use Photoshop or Gimp, both of which are powerful graphic design tools. If you're familiar with Photoshop, simply right-click the image and select "save image as" to save it to your desired location. Once saved, open the image in Photoshop to begin your customization journey.

If you opt for Gimp, the process is quite similar. Right-click the image and choose "save image as" to save it wherever you prefer. Then, open the image in Gimp, where you'll have access to a range of creative tools for editing and enhancing your design.

Next, open Photoshop or Gimp along with the downloaded file, and you're ready to customize the template according to your creative preferences.
Feel free to let your imagination run wild with various shirt designs. Whether it's a tuxedo, business suit, blouse, winter coat, or any other idea you have in mind!

Once you're done, don't forget to save your work by going to "File" and selecting "Save."

5. Uploading Your Enhanced Design to Roblox

If you want to upload your file into Roblox, return to the website and locate the inviting green button labeled "Upload for 10 Robux." Don't click it just yet, but ensure you're on the page where this choice is visible.

(And remember, 10 Robux isn't a hefty expense, translating to an affordable around $0.13, approximately!)
Here's a walk-through on how to upload your shirt in Roblox:

1. First, click on "Choose File" to select the template you've designed and saved.
2. The field for "Shirt Name" will appear, allowing you to assign a name of your choice to the shirt.
3. Once everything is set, give the "upload" button a click, and then confirm your intention by clicking again when asked, "Would you like to upload your shirt for 10 Robux?"

After completing these steps, you'll find an icon and the name of your shirt listed under the "Shirts" section. You might notice that the shirt's image is represented by a piece of paper with a dotted outline. This indicates that the shirt is currently undergoing a review by Roblox, ensuring its appropriateness and suitability for sharing. This assessment process might take a few hours or days before your shirt is approved and made available.

Remember, this waiting time is worth it to maintain a positive and respectful environment within the Roblox community.

6. Visualizing Your Custom Shirt in Real Time

Now, kids can easily access Roblox Studio by clicking on "Create" in the top navigation bar. Afterward, they should click "Start Creating" and then select "Baseplate" to enter a blank screen. Once the page loads, head to the "PLUGINS" section in the main navigation menu.

Within "PLUGINS," click "Build Rig." This action will insert a dummy character onto the screen, creating a canvas to visualize clothing. Choose between the "R15" or "R6" model, depending on your preference. For now, let's opt for "R15" and then select "Block Rig."

Now, the dummy Roblox character should appear on the screen. Kids should click the plus sign in the explorer window next to "Dummy." From there, they can navigate to "Clothing" and in the left-hand "Inventory," right-click on the shirt, then click "Copy Asset ID." This ID can then be pasted next to "ShirtTemplate" in the "Appearance" section. Upon hitting "Enter," the shirt will appear on the Roblox dummy model in real time.

This process allows kids to preview how their shirt looks before monetizing it. Before sharing a product with others, it's important to ensure its appeal to a broader audience.

To proceed, return to the Roblox website and select "Avatar." Have kids click on "Clothing" and then "Shirts." The shirt they created should be visible here; however, if it's not, it may still be in the processing and approval stage.

After a shirt is approved, navigate to your shirts and click the down arrow next to the gear icon. Two options, "configure" and "advertise," will appear, select "configure." This leads to the "general" tab, where you can confirm that the shirt you want to monetize is the one being dealt with.

Once confirmed, click "sales" under the "general" tab. Here, you'll find the "configure shirt" screen, featuring a toggle button on the right side of the "items for sale" line. Clicking this toggle bar turns it green and reveals a pricing screen. Enter the desired selling price for the shirt.
When it comes to pricing your shirt, finding the right balance is key—avoid setting it too high or too low. A smart starting point is around 6 or 7 Robux, which serves as a helpful guideline. It's important to remember that Roblox takes a small percentage from each sale, and remember that the minimum price you can set is 5 Robux. So, while aiming for a fair price, also consider the platform's transaction costs.

After making your pricing decisions, simply click "save." If all goes smoothly, a reassuring green bar bearing the message "successfully updated" will appear. This marks the moment when your shirt becomes available for purchase and download by other Roblox users.

And there you have it!

In summary, we've walked through the entire process—from creating your shirt design to uploading it and even monetizing your creation within the Roblox universe. If your child faces any difficulties or wants to learn more about Roblox, they can check out our Online Lessons.
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