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About the classes
What happens at the lesson?
Lessons are held via our video chat in an individual-groupal or individual format. At the scheduled time the student calls the tutor via the personal account and shares the screen.

Individual-groupal format
Lessons are held as one-on-one video calls for the student. The tutor may guide several students simultaneously (up to six). The tutor is constantly seeing student's shared screen, guiding each student through the lesson and their learning progress, offering help and support wherever needed. The tutor is staying online and comes up as soon as needed.

The student focuses on the project without distractions and can work his own pace. The child doesn't need to adapt to anyone, goes on his own individual trajectory.

Individual format
Lessons are held as one-on-one video calls both for the student and for the tutor. The tutor devotes all the time of the lesson to the student. The child doesn't need to adapt to anyone, goes on his own individual trajectory.
Format Features
1. The class may start up to 10 minutes earlier or later than the scheduled time. Classes are not made shorter due to this, sometimes they may last even longer. If your tutor is asking to wait for a few minutes for the call, please, use this chance to set everything up, check your connection, open necessary applications, finish homework. Just do not worry, your tutor knows you are there and will call you in a moment.

2. Sometimes two students need help simultaneously. Then the tutor may get back to one of them a few minutes later. However, there is nothing to worry about, as within the time of waiting students may find the solutions themselves! Such minutes of contemplation are also an important part of learning. In any case, the tutor will dedicate sufficient time to help every student deal with any difficulties.
Preparation for the first lesson
You can find the main tips and tricks for preparing for the first lesson on another page. However, we highly recommend you to read all sections of the Help Center to avoid difficulties and questions during the learning process
For lessons you need*
  • Computer or laptop and mouse
    (phone or tablet are not suitable)
  • Headphones and microphone, as well as the absence of extraneous sounds in the background
  • Chromium based browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Yandex Browser, Opera, etc.
  • Stable internet connection from 5 Mbit/sec

  • The child needs to be rested and ready to study
  • Student need to read English and have the minimum skills set for course entry
*Requirements may vary for different courses.
To find out more, contact ITgenik
  • Minimum system requirements for your computer
    • operating system:
    Windows (from version 7 and above),
    Mac OS (from version 10.12 and above);
    • RAM: 4 GB and above, CPU: dual core from 1.8 GHz.
*Requirements may vary for different courses.
To find out more, contact ITgenik

Parent's and student's personal accounts
To make the learning process pleasant and productive, you need to activate two accounts - the parent's one and the student's one.
  • In a parent's account
    you can choose a convenient schedule for the student, control his progress, read the reviews of the tutor and communicate with them through our chat, top up the balance.
  • In a student's account
    the lessons are held there via our Videochat. The student can see his homework and projects from lessons.
To make the first login you need to complete account activation.
In the future, you can always log in to the account using the link: and enter the necessary username and password (for the parent's or student's account).

Parent's account activation and login
Step 1
As soon as you have left an application for a free lesson, you have the opportunity to create a personal account for yourself and for your child, simply by entering all the necessary data.

Login is your email. You create the password yourself.

It is very important to remember it, save it in the browser or write it down, as it will be necessary in the entire learning process.

If you registered through an administrator, he will send you a link to WhatsApp/Facebook/E-mail.
Step 2
In this step, you create a profile for your child on our learning platform.

After filling in the data about the student, you will be taken to the parent's personal account.
Step 3
On the main page, you have access to the "Balance" tab - where paid lessons will appear in the future, as well as "Free Lessons" in which you can share a unique link with friends and receive lessons for free and in unlimited quantities.

Be sure to post it on your social networks, because for your feedback, we will definitely give you bonuses.

If you don't know which account you are in, take a look at the upper right corner - there is an inscription "Parent" or "Student".

In the parent account, you can sign up a student for a trial lesson - on your own or through the chat icon with ITgenik.
Student's account activation and login
Step 1
After registering a student for a lesson, you need to prepare - change the username and password from the child's personal account to something more memorable and comfortable.
You can change the student’s login and password in the “Settings” tab in the student’s profile or on the “Settings” page.
Step 2
In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your name and the inscription "Parent". In the drop-down box, you can add a student’s account.

Before the lesson, you can check the sound and video.

You can send the username and password to the child in advance of the lesson if you are not nearby.

With this data, the child will be able to enter the link:
Step 3
How can you quickly switch between the accounts? There is a drop-down list in the upper right corner, where you can see name, surname and roles "Parent", "Student". You can quickly switch to another account by clicking on the name and surname on the list.

In the student's account, you can see the student details. If there is any mistake, please contact ITgenik. Please, note that there is the role "Student" in the upper right corner.
Password reset
Passwords for the both accounts you set by yourself
Parent's account
If you have forgotten the password from the parent's account, click "Forgot Password" under the "Login" on the Log in page. Click it and come up with a new password.

Student's account
If you forgot the password from the student's account, go to the parent's account and click on the student's name. You'll get to the Settings tab. There you can change username and password for the student.
How to add another student
You can add new students to your family
On the main page in the parent's account, there is a button "Add another student". Click on it and fill in the details of the new student. After filling in the data, the student will be added to the family and will appear in the list in the parent's account.

Next, you need to sign the student up for a trial lesson and set a username and password for his account.

How to create a shortcut to our website
Save an icon on the desktop of your PC or phone to have your account with you
How to create a shortcut to a website on the desktop on Android in Chrome?
1. Open your browser and go to
2.Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen
How to create a shortcut to a website on the desktop on iPhone in Safari?
1. Open your browser and go to
2. Click on the Share button (if you cannot see the bottom menu, click at the bottom of the screen)
3. From the menu that appears, select Add to Home Screen
4. Give a suitable name, for example, ITgenio and click Add
How to create a shortcut to a website on the desktop in any browser on Mac/ Windows?
1. Open the browser and go to
2. Resize the browser window so you can see both your PC's desktop and the browser window on the same screen
3. Click the icon on the left of the address bar (where the URL is shown) and drag it to the desktop or Dock
Access to materials
Students and parents have access to the materials studied in our school forever.

Where to find them?
Main page - section “Homework & Projects” - button “View all” - click on the desired material
You can go to the main page by clicking on the brain icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Main page - click on “Lessons history” near the desired student - click on the desired material
You can go to the main page by clicking on the brain icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Schedule Management
In a parent's account you can manage the schedule for the student: sign up for the normal and catch-up lessons and cancel the lessons.
In a student’s account you cannot manage the schedule.
Schedule your lessons
To create a schedule, click on the “Sign up or cancel” next to the student's name. Then, clicking on "Sign up for a lesson", you can add a permanent schedule or a one-time lesson.

On the “Sign up for a lesson” page, you need to select the following options:

  1. Day of week (one or several)
  2. Lesson start time
  3. Lesson type (permanent schedule or one-time lesson). You can book certain days and time for regular lessons (e.g. every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM) as well as schedule single lessons (e.g. during school holidays week - Monday and Tuesday at 10 AM, Thursday and Friday at 12 PM - noon). Our recommendation is to make a permanent schedule, whenever possible. Regular lessons are proven to be more efficient.
  4. Course
  5. Lesson format (individual-group or individual)
  6. Duration (1 or 2 hours)
  7. Date you are ready to start lessons with
  8. Tutor
At this stage, it is important to set the most convenient options for you by day and time. By clicking on “Next” you will be taken to the “Select option” page. Here you can either click “Sign up” under the option you like, or expand your search by day and time in the search filter, which is located between student’s name and lesson options.

To watch a video presentation and read information about the tutor, click the “About the tutor” button next to the tutor’s name.
How to cancel or reschedule a lesson
From your personal account page, you can also cancel a lesson or reschedule it.

Lessons can be rescheduled with no additional cost for the same week of the missed lesson and on a condition for no less than an 8-hour notice of the change.

In other cases, the missed lesson is paid, but you can sign up for the catch-up lesson. You can work out the missed lesson for free during a week. The time for the catch-ups should not cross with your regular schedule.

If you have missed the catch-up lesson, it "burns out."

  • There is only one possibility to reschedule an unattended individual format lesson per month. The rest of the missed lessons will be charged from the balance without the possibility to attend it on a different day.
  • For the individual-group format lessons there is no limit of catch-up lessons per month.

To watch a video presentation and read information about the tutor, click the “About the tutor” button next to the tutor’s name.

If you would like to cancel all your regular scheduled lessons, kindly choose “Cancel this and all the following lessons” button.

Payment for the lessons
Top up your prepaid lessons balance

To pay using a card, click "Top up" on the parent's account page. The payment with the parent's account is available only after the trial lesson has been finished.

There are 2 options for the duration of lessons: 120 or 60 minutes, as well as 3 options for the format: individual-group, individual and group. Please select the option which suits your child best, judging by their preferences and comfort.

Lessons are prepaid as time packages. Neither the subjects nor the terms of actual lessons are specified. In case of zero balance in 8 hours before your next lesson (or in 2 hours if you’ve never bought a package), it will be canceled.

If you cannot make the payment, but your next lesson is important for you, please, let ITgenik know, and we will try to keep your schedule.

Payment methods
By card in your personal account.
We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. Just choose the appropriate number of lessons, fill the form, and confirm 3D-secure code.

Please note, that some American Banks such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo may charge a fee for any international payments. Please, check this information in your bank.

E-mail for PayPal payments: [email protected]
In comments please write the student's full name for whom you are paying for identification purposes.
Converting lessons of different durations

If you have paid for lessons of 120 minutes, but the student wants to study for 60 minutes (or vice versa), please, contact ITgenik. He will convert the lessons. Converting classes between different formats is also available.
Inner currency - Geniks

Geniks are displayed next to the family's balance. Geniks are accumulated bonuses that can be exchanged for free lessons.

To exchange geniks for lessons, select the format and duration of the lesson on the “Geniks” page, then click “Exchange”.

Geniks are credited to:

1. After paying for the first package of lessons within 24 hours.

2. Self-management of the schedule at your personal account.

3. After completing a certain number of lessons without skipping any of it.

4. As prizes for winners at our school's events/competitions.

5. For writing a feedback on our website or other platforms.

6. When participating in the referral program

7. On the student's birthday

You can look through the full list, to get acquainted with the cost of each lesson's type in Geniks, as well as to make some other operations with the inner currency by clicking on the Geniks icon in the Balance section.

Referral system and bonuses
Bonus of one free lesson for a quick payment
Please note that in case of prepayment within 24 hours after your trial lesson, you get Bonuses that can be exchanged for 2 lessons! Even if you pay for the individual lessons, the bonus lesson will be in our usual format (one-on-one video call for the student, but the tutor may guide several students simultaneously)

Referral system
In the parent's account on the main page, there is a block "Free lessons". There you can find a special link. Share it with your friends and get free lessons!
1. You share the link in a convenient way (social networks, instant messengers)
2. Your friends sign up their children for a free trial lesson using the link
3. You both get bonuses that can be exchanged for 2 lessons after friend's first payment


You can also purchase a certificate for any amount of lessons for your loved ones.
Contact ITgenik to create the certificate for you.

The lessons with a tutor are held through our videochat
Videochat at the lesson
The button "Go to the lesson" appears in the student's account when the lesson begins. After the student clicks it, the lesson page will open.
On the lesson page, the student can first check and enable their microphone, camera, and screen sharing.
Before the tutor calls, the student can click "I'm ready!" to let the tutor know that they can start.
When the tutor calls, the student needs to click on the “Accept the call” button to accept the incoming call.
You can also join the lesson through the schedule. To do this, click “Join” on the desired lesson.
If during the lesson, the student needs help from the tutor, he or she can use the “Invite a tutor” button in the video chat window.
In the video chat window on the right there is a chat with the tutor. If the issue cannot be resolved with the tutor or the tutor does not answer, you can click on the chat icon in the upper right corner to write to ITgenik.
In the upper right corner of the tutor's video there are video chat settings, where you can check the audio, video and screen sharing, as well as launch tips on the lesson.
The student can switch between the tutor and projects by clicking on “Tutor/Projects” in the upper right corner or by clicking on the arrow button between the tutor and projects.
After the student has opened the project, they can return to the list of all projects by clicking on the “All projects” button.
To open the material in full screen, you need to click on the button with four arrows in the upper right corner.
To minimize full screen mode, you need to click on the button with a cross.
In the upper left corner there is a menu from which you can open the student’s profile, feed, the “Audio&Video check” page in a new tab and view past projects and homework.
Connection check in video chat
To avoid technical problems, you can always use the Connection Check option. There is a "Check connection" tab in the student's account.

Our courses
Our school has many interesting courses. It is not necessary to study only one course all the time, you can switch between courses or take several at once. For example, a student can study Scratch, then take a few Photoshop and 3D modeling lessons, then return to Scratch again. A child learns productively if he does what interests him at the moment.

We teach coding on Scratch, Python, HTML + CSS and JS, Java, Unity in C #, Minecraft, as well as computer graphics in Photoshop, Illustrator, animation in After Effects, video editing in Premiere Pro, and 3D modeling.
You can read more about all our courses on this page

Please note that a lesson in a new course is not free if the student has already completed a free trial lesson in another course at our school. At the same time, lessons on your balance can be used for any course without time restrictions.


Choose any messenger, where you would like to receive news about the student's success, lesson reminders, balance information, and just keep in touch with us. Please, in the first message write the email used for the registration, so that we could recognize you.
Tutor feedback
After each lesson there will be a tutor feedback added into "History", where you will be able to see what were the topics, that your child covered, what is their home assignment as well as any comments from the tutor. Click on project name in order to open it in a new tab and learn more about it.
You can also respond to the tutuor’s review by clicking on the chat icon, and evaluate the usefulness of the review by clicking on like/dislike below.
Write a message to your tutor and to ITgenik

From your personal account page, you may write a message directly to the tutor or to ITgenik.
A red dot next to the chat means you have unread incoming messages.

Also you can always text to ITgenik on WhatsApp/Facebook/E-mail.

Please, write to us something in a messenger convenient for you. We want to make sure that everything is fine with you and find out where to send you information about the balance and reminders about lessons.

We are very sensitive to situations when the student or parent did not like something. We take into account even the smallest details to avoid similar situations in the future. If something is wrong, do not hesitate, write to us immediately!

We will also be grateful if you share your positive feedback!
You can write to ITgenik or to our CEO directly.
Any questions?
I will answer any question!
Your ITgenik